Product Hunt Daily Digest
August 28th, 2018
Artificial Intelligence is getting ready to replace Photoshop.

Just launched today out of MIT, Deep Angel can erase people, animals, vehicles, and more from photographs in seconds. It's insanely powerful and perfect for cleaning up your next vacation pictures.

If you'd prefer a manual image remover, try out TouchRetouch – you can manually remove items right from iOS or Android. There's also a native "eraser" built directly into Snapchat. 👻

Deep Angel isn't the only AI tool for creatives to launch recently. Lyrebird lets you impersonate anybody's voice using less than a minute of sample audio. It's sorta like Photoshop, but for audio.

You can speak as Donald Trump, Morgan Freeman, or anybody. The team went through Y Combinator last year and is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, 
Redpoint, and SV Angel. No #fakenews. 😳
Stop fiddling with Microsoft Word's awkward formatting: here's a tool that transforms your LinkedIn into a beauuutiful resume. 📑✨
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