Product Hunt Weekly Digest
November 27th, 2016

Cyber Monday Deals πŸ€‘
Happy Monday! We've secured some exclusive Cyber Monday Deals just for the Product Hunt community from the makers of this year's hottest products:

πŸ–Ό TheΒ AuraΒ Smart Frame is the coolest (and is now 20% off)
🏑 Click & Grow's Smart Garden is under $35
🎨 Get $50 off all Electric Objects' digital art displays
πŸ‡Β Juicero's organic juice machine is 50% off today
πŸ’‘ Get $100 off theΒ AerelightΒ Lamp with touch control and wireless phone charging

Explore the full list in cyberspace here.
CNN acquiredΒ Beme! The app will be shutting down January 31st, paving the way for Casey Neistat and team to build quick apps like Exit Poll Live for the news network.

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