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July 17th, 2018

Is this the next Robinhood? πŸš—πŸ€‘
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You too can buy a Ferrari. And a vintage Porsche, and an '88 Lamborghini.

Investments in vintage cars have outperformed gold, the S&P500, and NYC real estate since 2012. It's like bitcoin, except nobody can steal your hard-earned investments before you cash out.

The one issue? Buying vintage cars is really hard. You first have to find a private seller, travel to inspect the car, then transport it back on a special big-rig truck to a temperature-controlled, covered garage so its pristine paint job isn't soiled by pesky pigeons. Ufffff. 😫

Oh, and each car costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. We have a solution so you can get your very own Porsche. 😎

Rally Rd lets anyone invest in classic cars for as little as $50. Today, they're launching public trading markets so you can trade classic cars just like stocks. Get your own shares today.

How does it work? The Rally Rd team places each classic car in a single legal entity, then sells shares in the entity... which is the equivalent of buying portions of the car itself. They've already sold shares in 8 cars, like an '83 Ferrari 512 BBi and a '55 Porsche 365 Speedster. πŸš—βš‘

They're not the only team securitizing expensive assets. Y Combinator-backed Arthena lets you invest in a portfolio of fine art, and Republic (part of the AngelList family) lets anyone become an angel investor and invest in startups.
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