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August 4th, 2016
Between our desktop at work and home screen on the phone, we stare at our devices all day long. Mix up the scenery with some lovely new wallpaper and screensaver tools:

🕘 The Padbury Clock (above) is a minimalist screensaver for Mac
💻 Desktopr lets you turn any website into your Mac wallpaper
🌌 WLPPR has gorgeous mobile wallpapers from satellite imagery 
📽 SaveHollywood plays movies and trailers as your screensaver
🦁 Live Desktop makes your wallpaper come alive with animated themes

And if you're not into screensavers (or need to prevent your computer from going to sleep) Caffeine does just that. ☕️👌
Ever wondered what are Elon Musk's favorite books? Well, someone put together a list based on interviews Elon has given in the past. They range from Best Sellers like Zero to One, to shocking inclusions like this one. 😊
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