Coworking company WeWork says “no more meat”
For environment impact 🐮
Posted on July 13, 2018 10:22 PM.
TimeNate Lanxon
Co-working giant WeWork Cos. thinks it can save the environment quicker than Elon Musk. The startup has told its 6,000 global staff that they will no longer pay for any red meat, poultry or pork at WeWork events. In an email to employees this week outlining the new policy, co-founder Miguel McKelvey, said the firm’s upcoming internal “Summer Camp” retreat would offer no meat options for attendees.
The GuardianSam Wolfson
McKelvey said the company was eliminating meat for environmental reasons. “New research indicates that avoiding meat is one of the biggest things an individual can do to reduce their personal environmental impact, even more than switching to a hybrid car.”
Don't worry though, if you're a member, you can still bring in your own meat. Unless you're an employee of WeWork, that is.
BloombergNate Lanxon
In his email, McKelvey advised employees that the meat-free move would affect the company’s travel and expense policy, as well as WeWork’s "Honesty Market," a self-serve food and drink kiosk system present in some of its 400 co-working buildings.
The GuardianSam Wolfson
This is likely to create headaches for the company, as many of its events are held in partnership or as promotion for other brands, the lines of what counts as the WeWork budget is likely to be blurry.
WeWork was last valued at $20B, though there's been major debate about the accuracy of that figure. Some argue it should be much less, with less-than-pleasing financials, and others arguing for a valuation more than that of Uber or Airbnb 🤔 According to an executive from SoftBank (a major WeWork investor), WeWork is looking to raise again, this time at a $35 billion valuation.

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Setu Upadhya@setman85 · Product Manager at ForeSee
Meat is one of the leading causes of climate change, deforestation and world hunger. Furthermore animals in factory farms are subjected to extreme levels of torture and abuse. Many other companies and governments have taken similar initiatives. Here is one from the German government: This is a great move by WeWork!! As someone who works in a WeWork, I've always admired their excellent design and ability to create community. This commitment fits perfectly with their values!
Ronald Langeveld@ronald · I just wanna surf
bloody vegans ruining it for everyone :P
Graham Hughes@grahamhughes · Founder,
I find it very disturbing when an employer sees fit to interfere in the lifestyle choices of its employees. Not least in a publicity stunt thinly veiled in an attempt to boost the company's green credentials. How many meals do employees eat on expenses? Can this actually make much difference? If they're serious about ecology, use profits to fund tree planting (or any of many other options).
Matthew Boyle@matthewboyle25 · Matt
@grahamhughes Stop talking common sense please Graham. Will ruin the publicity for their stunt. They could do a hell of a lot to improve the environment a lot more significantly than this decision but it wouldn't get the headlines like this story does.
Hans Gerwitz@gerwitz · Founder, The Artificial
@grahamhughes they really should let the employees smoke inside the spaces, too.
Jonathan Völkle@jonathanvoelkle · Student // Maker // . . . @broadcast
Wait, it will be the norm in few years.
Hans Gerwitz@gerwitz · Founder, The Artificial
@jonathanvoelkle our agency implemented a similar policy in 2014, to some eyeballing from clients. With only 8 people the effect was tiny in comparison, so this feels like a sort of vindication.
Arpit C@irhymeth · Building Chatbots & Growing Integromat.
Wow this is getting interesting! - A vegetarian!
Fiona Holder@myaccessibleweb · Founder, My Accessible Website
Not offering a meat option for events, fine. Not allowing employees to expense meals containing meat? Way too controlling, just a scary look into how they think they "own" their staff
Brian Weiss@brian_weiss · Director of Business Development
This is stepping too far into the employees lifestyles. As someone who works in SF, this doesn't really surprise me. It just disturbs me.