Snapchat is working with Amazon for "Camera Search"
Shop for items with just your camera 🔎
Posted on July 9, 2018 6:11 PM.
TechCrunchJosh Constine
Codenamed “Eagle,” Snapchat is building a visual product search feature that delivers users to Amazon’s listings. Buried inside the code of Snapchat’s Android app is an unreleased “Visual Search” feature, where you “Press and hold to identify an object, song, barcode, and more! This works by sending data to Amazon, Shazam, and other partners.” Once an object or barcode has been scanned you can “See all results at Amazon.”
The feature is similar to Snapchat's Shazam integration, which allows users to press and hold to to identify a song. The new feature (if Snapchat ends up launching it) will help distinguish itself from its growing competitor, Instagram. The two have been in a battle ever since Instagram copied Snapchat's Stories, quickly surpassing Snapchat, and growing at six times the rate with double the users.
TechCrunchJosh Constine
Snapchat’s code doesn’t explain exactly how the Project Eagle feature will work, but in the newest version of Snapchat it was renamed as “Camera Search.” The code lists the ability to surface “sellers” and “reviews,” “Copy URL” of a product and “Share” or “Send Product” to friends — likely via Snap messages or Snapchat Stories.
The new feature may even be integrated with “Context Cards,” allowing users to pull up movie tickets, reservations, or call Ubers. Snapchat's features like Context Cards and the upcoming Camera Search have the potential to transform Snapchat into a utility, rather than what some see as just a toy, and with Instagram's recent announcement of Shopping Tags for the feed and Stories, it'll be interesting to watch the ongoing battle for consumer attention. Maybe Snap will even add Camera Search to Spectacles 🤔

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Chuck Kahn@chuckkahn · Assistant Editor, Freelance
Is there Shazam-like feature within the iOS SnapChat app? Identifying songs within SnapChat would be a killer feature!