YouTube announces paid memberships
In addition to Merchandise, community groups, and Premieres 💸
Posted on June 22, 2018 5:57 PM.
Speaking at VidCon 2018, YouTube's Chief Product Officer announced they'll be rolling out three new features, the first, being paid memberships, available to channels with over 100k subscribers. Memberships are $4.99 per month, and viewers will receive access to special badges, emojis, exclusive streams, and a community post section.
The VergePaul Sawyers
This comes as fellow technology giant Facebook announced a new subscription feature for Group admins, letting them charge up to $30 per month for their subscribers to access exclusive posts in sub-groups — kind of like a virtual VIP room. So it’s clear that the big social community platforms are getting serious about keeping their creators on-side and helping them make money.
YouTube creators will get to keep 70% of the profits that come from the memberships, which gives creators another revenue stream, other than ads.
The Next WebRachel Kaser
The second feature is a merchandise shelf that allows users to sell their swag underneath every video. Up to now, creators had to link to their personal storefronts in the description of every video. Now they have a section on their channel where they can show off prices and pictures of each item.
YouTube is partnering with Teespring (who will be taking a cut of the revenue), allowing creators to sell hoodies, t-shirts, pillows, hats, and more.
TechCrunchSarah Perez
Effectively, the way this works is that there’s a flat price per item sold that goes back to Teespring, but the creator can mark up the item to whatever price they want, then keep the upside.
In addition to memberships and merchandise, YouTube announced “Premieres,” which lets creators build hype for upcoming videos, with dedicated landing pages that go live at a certain time.
Ars TechnicaValentina Palladino
Once the video is live, viewers can chat with each other in real time, and creators can use Super Chat for the first time on regular YouTube videos.
As Instagram and Facebook continue to roll out new features like Facebook Gaming and IGTV, YouTube is looking for more ways to incentivize creators to stay on their platform, and help generate even more revenue. YouTube says testing out memberships allowed some creators to triple the amount they were earning every month from the platform 🤑
YouTubeNeal Mohan
YouTube is a vibrant community where everyone has a voice. Every day, creators use their voice to entertain, spur action and bring about positive change. That’s why over the last year we’ve doubled down on building the products and tools that the creator community needs. Not only to thrive on YouTube, but to continue to develop the video platform of the future.

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Ryan Hoover@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Seems like everyone's introducing paywalls and microtransactions to their platform lately. Perhaps we should too. 🤔😂
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@rrhoover please noooooooo :)