Google launched a podcast app
A native podcasting app for Android has arrived 🎙️
Posted on June 19, 2018 11:09 PM.
Google Podcasts have arrived. Years after Apple, Google launched a native podcast client for their mobile operating system.
Android users *everywhere* are rejoicing.
Last week the IAB shared some good news for the podcast industry.
Revenues are up 86% from last year.
BUT, podcasts are still tiny, representing less than 2% of radio ad spend in the U.S. We’re hopeful Google’s investment into the ecosystem, introducing a pre-installed podcast player for Android folks, will expand the pie and ultimately help podcast creators find an audience. The new app surfaces personalized recommendations for your next favorite pod.
Google isn't the only company to try this: Breaker, Chorus, and Overcast are all fan-favorites.

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