Fitbit launches Ace, a kid-focused fitness wearable
Fitbit's new wearable for your kid will help keep them healthy
Posted on June 12, 2018 12:07 AM.
Android PoliceRyan Whitwam
Fitbit has been in the business of making fitness trackers and wearables for years, but they've all been designed for adults. Now, there's a kid-specific fitness tracker called the Ace.
EngadgetSwapna Krishna
The Fitbit Ace tracks steps, active minutes and sleep for your child. It will remind them to move once an hour and provide motivation through badges and challenges.
Android AuthorityAndroid Authority
On the surface, you may think this is a repackaged Fitbit Alta HR — and you’d be correct. But the Ace features an all-new feature set designed specifically for kids ages eight and up. This device can keep track of your children’s steps taken, active minutes, and sleep stats, and you can even customize daily step and active minute goals.
And if your kid is forgetful, the Ace will remind them they've been sitting too long, and should get up and move. Once your kid reaches their goals, they'll be greeted with a celebratory message! 🎉
EngadgetSwapna Krishna
This isn't the first child-centered fitness tracker -- Garmin makes the Vivofit, which is also for kids. But it's clear that fitness tracking companies are moving into the children's market; it remains to be seen whether these devices will take off in the wake of rising child obesity and diabetes rates.
The VergeDani Deahl
LeapFrog also has the Leapband, meant for kids aged four to seven, that is packed with 50 built-in games that are supposed to help kids get moving.
The Fitbit Ace is available to purchase today for $100.

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