Lyft's new look is focused around carpooling and mass transit
In an attempt to get more people to ride together
Posted on June 8, 2018 12:07 AM.
The VergeAndrew J. Hawkins
Lyft’s app for riders is getting a fresh new look, with a greater emphasis put on shared rides and public transportation.
As part of the redesign, Lyft Line is being rebranded to Shared Rides, in an effort to grow rider numbers and reduce carbon footprints. They're aiming for Shared Rides to account for 50% of their business, by 2020. Lyft's taking an Uber-esque approach to the opening screen, showing more map, and a minimal text box asking “Where are you going?”
Lyft hopes that a simpler experience will make it easier to book rides, and get where you're going faster.
As for the rides, Lyft's been working on improving their algorithm and GPS systems, and encouraging riders to request pickup on side streets, rather than main strips, to cut down on traffic congestion.
The VergeAndrew J. Hawkins
Mass transit is also a big part of the redesign. Lyft announced partnerships with more than 25 cities across the country to integrate mass transit into its app. The first two integrations are coming to passengers in two California communities: Marin County and Santa Monica.
Instead of taking a Lyft all the way to the airport, which isn't ideal for your wallet or the driver's time, Lyft may suggest hopping on the bus and meeting your Lyft a little bit closer. As Lyft follows closely behind Uber, and each continues to expand product offerings horizontally, it's looking to be a battle of who can grow the fastest, and sustain such an expansive product offering. Lyft is rumored to be exploring shared scooters, and Uber just acquired bike-sharing startup Jump for $100M+.

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