Amazon's makes the new Echo Look available for everyone in the US
The $199.99 fashion camera to help you dress your best
Posted on June 6, 2018 11:50 PM.
Last May, Amazon announced a new version of their smart speaker, called Echo Show.
CNETAshlee Clark Thompson
You had to request an invitation to buy the Echo Look, an internet-connected camera that takes your picture and gives you fashion advice. That exclusivity ends today. Amazon has made the Echo Look available for anyone to order without an invitation.
Just like Amazon's other assistants, the Echo Look is powered by Alexa, ...
... so it can make appointments or set a timer for you.
It's distinguishing feature though, is that it uses artificial intelligence to give you fashion advice, help you create collections, ...
... and suggest wardrobe improvements to help you look your best.
And just like all great products, Amazon's throwing in a social network, so you can show off your outfits to the world.
The Echo Look is available for purchase starting today, for $199.

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