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Welcome to the Podcast Creators space! This is for people hosting and creating podcasts to help each other produce, promote, and build their audience among the community.
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Makers is a place for motivated people to share their goals and get help from other friendly folks in the Product Hunt community. Welcome aboard!

New goals
  1. Daniel van der Merwe
    Daniel van der Merwe@vandermerwed β€’ Farm raised full-stack developer.
    1. Publish RP Episode 11

    2. πŸŽ™Record and edit Episode 11 of Relatively Productive

    3. Release Alpha of Relatively Productive Dashboard πŸ“ŠπŸš€

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  2. Apollo Zhu
    Apollo Zhu@apollozhu β€’ UW'23 WWDC scholar coding in Swift
    1. πŸŽ™Release podcast show notes

      Daniel van der Merwe
  3. leogdion
    1. Publish Episode on Multitasking

    2. Publish Episode on Optimization

    3. Publish Episode on Video and Apple

      armel beaudry kembe
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  4. Valery Fenskaya
    Valery Fenskaya@valeryfenskaya β€’ help teams and products grow
    1. be a guest in a podcast

      Lachlan Kirkwood
      armel beaudry kembe
  5. Shivam Sai Gupta
    Shivam Sai Gupta@shivamsaigupta β€’ Love turning ideas into products
    1. Publish the third episode of Inspire with SSG

      armel beaudry kembe
    2. Expand the list of potential podcast guests

    3. Publish the second episode of Inspire with SSG