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A place for makers in and from Berlin to encourage, advise and support each other.
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Welcome, makers! We created this Space for Makers in and from Berlin to connect with each other; whether you're a student, side hustler or full time founder, this section is for you.
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Makers is a place for motivated people to share their goals and get help from other friendly folks in the Product Hunt community. Welcome aboard!

New goals
  1. Gusta
    Gusta@visualgusta β€’ Designing the future of Crypto
    1. Get crypto users from Berlin to test Monnos in Beta phaseπŸš€

  2. μ΄νƒœν˜Έ Tae-ho Lee
    μ΄νƒœν˜Έ Tae-ho Lee@gitmerge β€’ πŸ¦…
    1. Attend Facebook F8 2019 Watch Party by FB Developer Circle Berlin

      Juliette Lebre
    2. Saturday jogging around Park Großer Tiergarten Now.

      Simone Wong
      Alexander Thiele
      Mo Lotfi
    3. Watch my friday night movie: Gulistan, Land of Roses

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  3. Sahil Dave
    Sahil Dave@sahildave1991 β€’ UX/UI Designer
    1. Be more active in Makers Berlin scene!

      Lori Karikari
      Julie Delanoy
      Simone Wong
    2. Publish the medium article this week!

      Samantha M.
  4. Simone Wong
    Simone Wong@simonewym β€’ Marketer and Copywriter
    1. Look for a growth & marketing guru to join our team in Berlin πŸ§β€β™‚οΈπŸ§β€β™€οΈ

      Alexander Thiele
      Temi Lasade-Anderson
    2. Prepare talk for Goodpatch's Product Crunch event

      Alexander Thiele
  5. Alexander Thiele
    Alexander Thiele@athiele_ β€’ Techi πŸ“± startup enthusiast, entrepreneur
    1. Revive PH Berlin meetup group πŸŽ‰

      Lukas Klinser
      Sahil Dave
      Michele Piccirillo
    2. Find an estimation tool for remote teams

      Amrith Shanbhag
      Sooraj 🌏
      Temi Lasade-Anderson
    3. Meet Berlin Makers for a beer or coffee!

      Sergej Lotz
      μ΄νƒœν˜Έ Tae-ho Lee
      Sooraj 🌏
  6. Temi Lasade-Anderson
    Temi Lasade-Anderson@temilasade β€’ marketer. comm(unity). fndr
    1. πŸ—£ start intensive A1.1 German language lessons at Expath NeukΓΆlln

      Jan Oczenasek
      Simone Wong
      Olga Vakulenko
    2. πŸ”” announce that Makers Berlin is LIVE πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ😻 and that I'm one of the Space's leads for the city πŸ”‘

      Lyubomir Hristev
      μ΄νƒœν˜Έ Tae-ho Lee
      Sooraj 🌏
  7. Pascal
    1. Get a ticket for 35c3 :'(

      Alexander Thiele
  8. Ingo Radatz
    Ingo Radatz@llabball β€’ CTO, R&D at HSH / Berlin, Germany
    1. understand the value of the Berlin maker space

      Mo Lotfi
      μ΄νƒœν˜Έ Tae-ho Lee
      Temi Lasade-Anderson
  9. Engin Kurutepe
    Engin Kurutepe@ekurutepe β€’ Indie app maker CallTap and SolarWatch
    1. come up with a marketing plan for CallTap

      Alexander Thiele
      Temi Lasade-Anderson
      Souhail Merroun
    2. debug first run paywall experience

      Romeo Onisim
      Mo Lotfi
      Jacqueline von Tesmar
    3. create simple website to replace the holding page at

      Simone Wong
      Alexander Thiele