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THIS CHAT HAPPENED ON December 09, 2016


Hi ProductHunt, I’m Tim Ferriss - author of “The 4-Hour Workweek”, “The 4-Hour Body”, “The 4-Hour Chef” and my most recent, “Tools of Titans”, which was released Tuesday. “Tools of Titans” is the playbook I created after interviewing 200+ world-class performers on my podcast The Tim Ferriss Show, which recently passed 100,000,000 downloads. I created this book, my ultimate notebook of high-leverage tools, for myself. It’s changed my life, and I hope the same for you. I’m excited to be here and answer your questions!
Philip Kuklis@philipkuklis · Co-Founder, Hubble
Hi Tim, what does your daily routine look like right now?
@philipkuklis The middle varies wildly, but this is how I tend to start: http://fourhourworkweek.com/2015... During the insanity of 24/7 book launch (which I actually enjoy for just 1-2 weeks), I will strip down breakfast and add exogenous ketones (e.g. Pruvit), powdered MCT (Quest), or an RTD protein like Isopure. During a week like this, I rely more on Russian baths and cold/heat exposure to maintain and elevate mood.
Joshua Pinter@joshuapinter · Product at CNTRAL. Maker of ntwrk.
Have you ever found out something that you've promoted (e.g. ice baths) to be wildly wrong and had to recant what you said?
@joshuapinter I redact or update things all the time. Ice baths aren't an example of recanting, though I've added more cautionary notes for people with cardiac conditions, etc.
Krishaan Khubchand@krishaan_khubchand · Student
Tim, thanks for doing this AMA - I'm a huge fan. I have a couple questions: 1. You've deconstructed and rapidly learnt numerous skills EG cooking, language learning etc. From you convos with different people in technical fields, how would you go about self-teaching/learning technical subjects, more specifically Computer Science // Engineering (not just mechanical, civil as well)? 2. What are your recommendations for longevity? In terms of diet/exercise/habits and are there any books you'd recommend?
@krishaan_khubchand 1) The DiSSS framework in 4-Hour Chef (e.g. deconstruction, selection, sequencing, and stakes). Also see the Derek Sivers chapter in Tools of Titans. 2) For longevity, the jury's still out, but I'm interested in more studies related to metformin, rapamycin, regular fasting, and intense/infrequent resistance training.
Jack Schuss@yakschuss · Tech Lead @ LiquidSkySoftware
Thanks Tim!!! Huge fan! You're a self professed type-A note taker, and that's enabled you to keep a strict log of your progress. What do you say to people who don't have that proclivity, and need a push in the note-taking direction?
@yakschuss I'd start with The 5-Minute Journal, as it's a very brief commitment. Build the habit, then start alternating with Morning Pages (per Julia Cameron). For latter, Google "Ferriss Morning Pages Cameron"
Jack Schuss@yakschuss · Tech Lead @ LiquidSkySoftware
@tferriss Thanks! Started after reading ToT morning routine two days ago. :D
Jack Schuss@yakschuss · Tech Lead @ LiquidSkySoftware
@tferriss Just wanna say, this chat is all that came up when I googled that :D
Andrew Bass@andrewdbass · Startup junkie and improving hacker
What exercises or questions do you use to enhance lateral thinking? What about to challenge assumptions?
@andrewdbass There are a bunch. Here are 17 of my favorites! http://fourhourworkweek.com/2016...
A Allen Rowe@a_allen_rowe · Ph.D. Top 100 Tim Ferriss commenter
@tferriss @andrewdbass I really loved 14. One must want what one has to have what one wants. Is that paraphrase OK?
Harry Stebbings@harrystebbings · Podcast Host @ The Twenty Minute VC
@tferriss the legend and the reason behind me starting @twentyminutevc and naming it 20VC after being so inspired by 4HWW. My question is, if there is no such thing as a bad answer, only a bad question, how do you look to improve your question answering for the podcast and think beyond the traditional? Love to hear your thoughts.
@harrystebbings @twentyminutevc That's awesome to hear about 4HWW! Thanks. On questions -- Study all the greats like James Lipton, Larry King, Terry Gross, etc.; collect your favorite questions; test them; modify and make your own. It's then a process of testing, tweaking, or abandoning questions. I also hired someone who works with Inside the Actor's Studio to look at transcripts and analyze where my order of questions, or lack of follow-up questions, was an issue. Some trial lawyers are good at helping with this, too.
Joseph Stevenson@joseph_stevenson
Hey Tim not a question but for your event tonight I have a VIP ticket. I'm not going to be able to fly in so I thought I could give it to someone here. I have a pdf version of the ticket I can email over to anyone you would like. Congrats on your new book!
Paul Buijs@paulbuijs · Founder of ActiveNYC.com
@joseph_stevenson HI Joseph. You rock! I'd love to be considered for this. Missed out on the event. Still offering? paul@fitevents.com
Joseph Stevenson@joseph_stevenson
@paul_buijs @fitevents You bet man. I'll email you
Joseph Stevenson@joseph_stevenson
Just to clarify I'm not looking to sell the ticket just giving it away to someone who can make it is all.
Paul Buijs@paulbuijs · Founder of ActiveNYC.com
@joseph_stevenson <- Tim Ferriss fans are world class people. Just moved back to NYC. Find out Tim is coming. Miss out on ticket sale. Along comes Joseph. Fellow Spartan Racer. THANK YOU brother. My boss and coworkers are pretty cool for covering for me too. EPIC-ness.
Joseph Stevenson@joseph_stevenson
@paul_buijs Absolutely man! Have an awesome time!
Michael Bilderbach@mbilderbach · Product Designer
Vazgen Badalyan@fogueiravb · Product & Analytics
Hi Tim, Thanks for this AMA! Also huge kudos to you for the "Tools of Titans" - it's a tremendous resource for anyone willing to become better. Q: You've experimented with tons of different things, and you've talked to numerous great experts - after reflecting back on all your experiences, what would be your top-3 "must-have" habits to implement into a daily routine? Doesn't matter what category they fall into.
@fogueiravb 1) morning journaling 2) some type of physical training/movement such as GST (Coach Sommer), "Effortless Superhuman" from Barry Ross, or AcroYoga (or many others; could even be 500m ergometer in morning) 3) regular 10-20 min meditation first thing upon waking
DAB MASTER@dabnations · Die Hard
Have you ever heard about the @rabadaba app?
@dabnations hey thanks for the shoutout!
Andrew Christison@mrchristison · Getting Better
Hi Tim, Long time fan from 4HWW-forward and am pumped to dive into Tools for Titans. I heard your interview on @jaltucher 's Podcast, after I had been deeply discussing psilocybin for depression treatment several weeks back with a friend that's been suffering and not reacting well to Zoloft, Lexapro, etc. Earlier this week, they sent me a New York Times article about the Johns Hopkins study speaking about positive results specifically in regards to depression alleviation, PTSD, etc., which my friend has been diagnosed with, and I heard in your interview that you (at least, partially) funded this research. As I understand, there's a full section in Tools for Titans dedicated to this, however, can you dive into what led you to take the drastic steps from investing in hot startups to investing in cutting-edge psychedelic research, what the results (and dosages) have been thus far, any other studies we should keep our eyes out for, and if there is an anticipation for a "next step" in the research, after validating the increase in wellbeing hypothesis, what is it? Thank you for your meaningful societal contributions, Andrew #toomanyquestions #butcuriositykills Christison
@mrchristison @jaltucher Hi Andrew. I'd love to dig in, but given time constraints here, I'm going to point you to any and all of the following A) The research being done by Roland Griffiths teams at Johns Hopkins B) the two very long chapters in Tools of Titans on psychedelics (including my personal story and use), and C) The Tim Ferriss Show podcast episodes with James Fadiman, Martin Polanco, and Dan Engle.
Andrew Christison@mrchristison · Getting Better
@tferriss Thank you! I'll dive in. I appreciate your time. 😬
Andrew Ettinger@andrewett · 👟 @wearAtoms // ex @Twitter @ProductHunt
Of the 200+ people you've interviewed who has impressed you most?
@andrewett They've all impressed me, but one of the lesser known names would be BJ Miller, MD, who's helped more than 1,000 people die gracefully in hospice care.
Lyle McKeany@lylemckeany · growth marketer
@tferriss @andrewett I've listened to a lot of your podcasts and this one continually sticks out in my mind. Really thought provoking stuff.
Andrew Ettinger@andrewett · 👟 @wearAtoms // ex @Twitter @ProductHunt
Which podcasts do you regularly listen to?
J. David Rysanek@daverysanek · founder
Hi Tim, is there any great startup you had chance to invest but you didn't? E.g. Pinterest, Fullpast etc.
Kristián Hruban@kristian_hruban
Hi Tim, in one of your videos I saw your home inside ..... Do you think about self like collector? Do you find online solution for socialization of collectors, sharing collections and trading all collectors´ items online helpfull?
Kristián Hruban@kristian_hruban
and one small question do you ever get sick? ... any tips and tricks how to never get sick or be healthy again ... for low imunity people out there ... thanks
Jack Schuss@yakschuss · Tech Lead @ LiquidSkySoftware
Besides starting a podcast, how do you cultivate a sense of curiosity and asking questions ability?
Kari Capone@kari_capone · Entrepreneur, Kari's Kits
Hi Tim, I can't wait to see you this evening! I'll be at the 92 St. Y. Do you have any dating advice? I listen to your podcast and have read 4HWW and 4HB but haven't seen much about dating and relationships. I'd love to know your opinions. :) Thanks in advance, Kari Capone
@kari_capone That might be above my pay grade! But if I'm taking a stab, I think "The Way of the Superior Man" is interesting at points, as is "The 5 Love Languages" (sp?). Good luck!
Alex Circei@alex_circei · CEO & Founder Waydev, Inc.
Hi, Tim, I know that you worked like a CEO before starting the blog, how did you felt at that moment compared with now?