Stacy Brown-Philpot

CEO of TaskRabbit



Hi--I'm Stacy Brown-Philpot, TaskRabbit's new CEO. Despite the success of TaskRabbit to date, I believe the full promise of TaskRabbit and revolutionizing everyday work has yet to be fully realized. TaskRabbit will change the face of how work gets done everyday, which includes investing in our talent and building on our empowered, entrepreneurial culture. Today, I'm excited to have Congressman Butterfield join us for the first part of this chat to talk about the importance of increasing diversity in tech. Appreciate you joining us -- delighted to be here!
Kristy Tillman@kristyt · Head of Communication Design
I just read the news about Taskrabbit's diversity initiatives to increase black employees. Taskrabbit is already well above most tech companies in this category, what is the motivation to go from 11 to 13%?
Kristy Tillman@kristyt · Head of Communication Design
Are there any other parts of the tech ecosystem that you're interested such as black women founders, investing, etc.?
Thomas Stöcklein@tomstocklein ·
What are the biggest challenges and opportunities for TaskRabbit in 2016 and beyond?
Thomas Stöcklein@tomstocklein ·
What changed for you when you transitioned from TaskRabbit's COO to CEO?
Corley@corleyh · COO @ Product Hunt
Hi Stacy! 😀 to have you join us today. There are so many differences between large companies (e.g. Google) and earlier stage companies (e.g. TaskRabbit). Can you talk to us about the differences that you've seen and experienced as it relates to diversity? Is it easier or harder in an earlier stage company? And what role do you play in shaping the discussion regarding diversity?
Kristy Tillman@kristyt · Head of Communication Design
Outside of diversity, what are some of your bigger goals/visions for Taskrabbit in the future?
Kwame Som-Pimpong@kwamesompimpong · Founder, CultureBanx
What changes, if any, do you anticipate having to make to maintain your commitment to your board appointments?
Thomas Stöcklein@tomstocklein ·
What type of contributions could tech companies in the Valley and beyond make to combat racism?
Mariah Lichtenstern@lightedstar · Founder, CINESHARES
Stacy, Congratulations on becoming CEO of TaskRabbit. I very much enjoyed your talk about the journey at the Black Enterprise TechConnext Conference in Silicon Valley. Question: Would you consider using your influence to tackle the underrepresentation of WOC by serving as an advisor to (a) VC firm(s)? -
Sean K. Gabriel@skaulana · Product & UX aficionado
Hi Stacy, thanks for doing this live chat! Was your directorship at Google your first people management role? What lessons have you carried forward to TaskRabbit, and what would you say is the most misunderstood aspect of leading and cultivating a great team?
DaVette See@mariavah
What is TaskRabbit's plan to address the lack of diversity in its Tasker roles?
Kristy Tillman@kristyt · Head of Communication Design
Stacy have you found it hard to find mentorship throughout your journey?
Wenzerfy Walid@wenzerfy_walid · CEO
Hello Stacy! Congratulation on the new job position, believe me I feel privileged been able to interact with you, I am sure you are up to the challenge of taking taskrabbit to the next level, impacting drastically the workplace and making sure that minorities have their place in the society. My questions to you: -Is taskrabbit ever interested on specializing or getting in the food industry?(ex:waiters, bartenders,chefs,event staff,dishwashers...) -What will be the best way to present a partnership program to taskrabbit HQ, and what is the most important value that will make sense for a partnership/experiment program? -Eating is the most repeated basic need we have, would taskrabbit be interested on taking out and reshaping how online ordering should be done?( a professional food delivery service that caters to restautrant owners and food online app/website). I love your company and would love to help with my few hundred thousand hours experience if ever interested . Thank you for reading, congrats And thanks for everything! Best Regards Walid Wenzerfy
Sherrell Dorsey@sherrell_dorsey · Social Impact Storyteller, Sherrell Dors
What are your goals as a business leader? How does that play a role in TaskRabbit's goals and leadership for the tech space as a whole.