Sierra DeMulder

National Poetry Slam champion, co-founder of Button Poetry & Author

THIS CHAT HAPPENED ON February 04, 2016


Sierra DeMulder@sierrademulder · Poet, Andrews McMeel
Hi! I'm Sierra DeMulder; internationally touring poet, two-time National Poetry Slam champion, and one of the founders of Button Poetry, the largest digital distributor of spoken word in the world. In my newest collection, Today Means Amen, I write about the complexity of love and loss, mental health, family, and the process healing after trauma.
Louise Meets@louisemeets
Is there a poem you've ever regretted writing?
Emily Hodgins@ems_hodge · Operations @ Product Hunt
What inspires you the most when you're writing?
Mason Dean Nunemaker@mason_dean_nunemaker
When you're working on a manuscript, how do you decide on what order your poems should go in? Are they ordered by image sets? Theme? Subject matter?
Adam Marx@adammarx13 · Freelance writer/editor and music addict
"in the in-between" <--- this is one of my favorite lines and concepts. I think I might have actually used something similar in one of my poems :) Great piece.
QueenLear@queenleariv · ConnectionAgent-Co-Founder @ButtonPoetry
Thanks for chatting with the community Sierra! Can you touch on the tendency for poetry/poets to silo themselves and the perspective of the poetry ivory tower? How can people break in and how can non-poets be part of the community?
Alexandra Joy Pizano@alexandra_joy_pizano · Student. Psychology major, artist, poet
Do your own experiences go into your writing?
Transient@yt_transient · I'm Transient, a spoken word poet
How did you get over stage fright and being too naked on the page?