Phil Toronto

VC at Vayner/RSE



Phil Toronto@philtoronto · SVP, Special Projects
Howdy - I'm Phil Toronto, investor @ Vayner/RSE. I've worked on over 175 investments over the past 4 years and have a background in ecommerce. Happy to answer anything related to investing, brands, ecommerce, pizza and/or soup dumplings ... and anything else you're curious about.
Austin Teague@austin_teague · Full-Stack Marketer and Entrepreneur
@philtoronto As an investor how do you find startups to invest in? Specifically is it through referrals, cold emails, specific searches/sites? Second, what is the biggest frustration leading up to investing in a startup?
You seem to have a really broad portfolio which is cool to see. Is there any particular strategic focus you have? Second, at what stage do you invest in companies. For example, would you invest in a company that is in a development phase with no revenues?
jack rometty@rometty_ · student
hey Phil! :) what makes you instantly want to invest in or work with someone? also, Chicago deep dish or NYC pizza?
Vitalii Malets@vitaliimalets · CEO, Publicfast
Hey @philtoronto ! Vitalii here, founder of Publicfast, influence marketing platform with over 12K influencers and over 100 brands. I know you work with Gary Vaynerchuk at VaynerRSE and also looking startups that can collaborate with agencies like Vayner Media. So, what kind of startups agencies are looking to work with? And will be great to hear from you focus of VaynerRSE for next 12-18 month to invest?
Loni Edwards@loni · Founder, emPOWERED
Bryan@mrbryanbaum · CEO,
Phil, Big fan of all of your work and your running. If you were going to start a company right now, what area would you go into?