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Linkin Park and Fort Minor

THIS CHAT HAPPENED ON October 09, 2015


Mike Shinoda@mikeshinoda · Linkin Park, Fort Minor
Hey guys, Mike Shinoda here, from Linkin Park and Fort Minor. A little bit about me: I can’t touch my shoulders with my hands unless I cross them (right hand can’t touch right shoulder, left can’t touch left). I started an NES gamer club in junior high called “NINTENDOL, where the only rule was that you be able to finish any NES game you played in 7 days or less from the time you opened the package. We all drew the letter “L” on our consoles in red. I drew and painted obsessively growing up, and invented my own casts of characters for Mega Man, Metroid, Super Mario, and a handful of Dungeons and Dragons characters (shout out to Jeff Easley). I once made a demo tape of joke gangsta rap songs called “Pooch Pound” that included a song called “North Coast Killa” where we executed all our Canadian gangsta rivals. Lastly, I have a side-project called Fort Minor, and I recently released a song and 360 video called “WELCOME”. I’ll be answering your questions for the next 60 minutes, so ask me anything. Excited to talk to you guys. EDIT: Thank you guys for all the great questions. Keep in touch: Snap: MikeShinodaLive https://twitter.com/mikeshinoda https://instagram.com/m_shinoda/ https://www.facebook.com/mikeshi...
Farbod Saraf@farbodsaraf · Co-founder Everboard.io (YC SUS17)
Hi Mike, I would like to know your thoughts on a new concept of crowdfunding live events (e.g. LiveOnDemands.com). Would you expect a widespread adoption of concert crowdfunding campaigns among artists considering the fact that it removes the middleman between artists and fans?
Mike Shinoda@mikeshinoda · Linkin Park, Fort Minor
@farbodsaraf Crowdfunding live events opens amazing opportunities for upstart artists. I wish we had crowdfunding when our band was getting started!
Ariadne Camargo♥@arisshinoda · Ari Camargo
@mikeshinoda what was the funniest thing already happened to you on stage or off it ?? rsrs
Bianca Terracciano@misetta · Creative Director Wonder Inc.
What do you expect from new technologies? Do you think that there is a lack of connections between contents and reality? Can customized video streaming be the solution?
Mike Shinoda@mikeshinoda · Linkin Park, Fort Minor
@misetta The integration of music and music-related created content is still very fragmented. The worst feeling as a music fan is thinking "I can't believe the band just played in my town and I missed it, I would've gone!" There's also a vibrant culture around our band, from the things we officially release to the fan-created stuff. We need to make it easier to do, hear, see, and buy the things we love. In particular, I think the merchandise business as a whole is kinda broken. That's a place to focus...
Wonder Mobile App@wondermobileapp · The game-changer in videomaking.
@mikeshinoda @misetta Wonder can be the solution! ;)
Soforas@soforasdia · social worker in France
Hello Mike. So happy to be with you. You only came in France one time. is there a link with racism in this country and do you care about this when you choose a country for LP or FM concerts? Which instrument would you like to learn (even if you play most of them)? Sorry for my bad english. Kisses and admiration. Isabelle
An Van Oppens@anvanoppens · Graphic Designer | LPBE Ambassador
@soforasdia LP played France around 15 times over the past 15 years FYI. ^^
Soforas@soforasdia · social worker in France
@anvanoppens @soforasdia i was talking about The hunting party tour. And the last time before was in so many years ago!
Ariadne Camargo♥@arisshinoda · Ari Camargo
@mikeshinoda you still get nervous or anxious when going up on stage with the fort minor?
Mike Shinoda@mikeshinoda · Linkin Park, Fort Minor
@arisshinoda Not as nervous anymore. It's very different doing the Fort Minor one-man-shows, versus Linkin Park shows. I try to make the FM shows a special, intimate experience, where I can play the fan favorites and b sides we don't play at the LP shows.
Ariadne Camargo♥@arisshinoda · Ari Camargo
@mikeshinoda thanks for answering! Success always and I hope his return to Brazil
@mikeshinoda Hey Mike! Good to see you, I got 2 questions for you. 1st Question: What is your state of mind when you're creating an artwork and how is it different from writing a song? 2nd Question: What is your idea on this "Virtual Pop stars" for example like the famous "Hatsune Miku"; do you think it is bad or is it a new frontier in technology and music?
Mike Shinoda@mikeshinoda · Linkin Park, Fort Minor
1.) I make art and songs from whatever is inspiring at the moment. 2.) @nicicyver Hatsune Miku is such an amazing idea. Joe showed me this a long time ago, and I didn't understand it. A few months later, I emailed him about Hatsune Miku, forgetting he had emailed me, and I was like, "CHECK THIS OUT, I LOVE IT." He said, "dude, I emailed you about this a while ago." Sometimes it takes us a while to understand something. HA But the idea of a virtual or crowd-created artist / pop star is very compelling to me.
Jeanette Kent@sketter34
You all have been creating music for sometime now. Is it just as fulfilling as it was in the beginning? I know as a fan I enjoy it more now than ever.
Mike Shinoda@mikeshinoda · Linkin Park, Fort Minor
@sketter34 The challenge for established bands / artists is in reinventing with each album. Not just for the sake of the fans, but to keep yourself 100% invested and excited with each release. We like to explore new sounds, styles, and themes with each album because it keeps it fresh for us.
kika.a@kika_a11 · lawyer
@mikeshinoda it's not about the salary, it's alla about reality !!!
xero.@_buttheadpls · misturadesignCO.
@mikeshinoda @sketter34 Things like this makes me love LP and FM, reinventing styles and music is the key!
Christina.@thehybridthings · Multimedia and Graphic Designstudent
@kika_a11 and making some noise
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
Hi Mike. Which people have been most helpful to you as you've started to break into startup investing? (by way of introductions to companies, giving you advice etc)
Mike Shinoda@mikeshinoda · Linkin Park, Fort Minor
@_jacksmith So many people have been helpful. There are too many people to name. In general, I'm very grateful for the guidance of all our friends in tech. While there's clearly money to be made in tech, we do pretty well with the music thing...We're more interested in spending time with the brightest and most driven people in the world.
Emanuele morais@emanuelemorais1 · linkin park ❤
Hello Mike ,what is the good part of being an artist ? ,and what part you miss when you were not famous ?,sorry for my English! Thanks!😄
@mikeshinoda hey Mike! What's up? I always wanted to ask you: What do skulls mean in your paintings? Thank you! ❤️💙💜🎈
Mike Shinoda@mikeshinoda · Linkin Park, Fort Minor
@madinalp I started integrating the skulls because of the timeless "Memento Mori" theme https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Me... and its connection with classic rock and metal album imagery. Also, because skulls are fun to paint. Here are some images of my paintings https://www.flickr.com/photos/th... I have a fun painted piece coming up soon. Stay tuned by following me on Twitter, Instagram, FB, Snapchat etc.
HUNTING THEORY@hunting_theory · Shit Artist
@mikeshinoda @madinalp well , You are so Talented in drawing skull, by the skull word , i mean every possible and impossible skull ! I Love your art
Leilani C@deadsymphony79 · Artist
@mikeshinoda @madinalp Hi Mike. Considering that you paint/draw skulls in reflection of Memento Mori, have you listened to Flyleaf's album, Memento Mori? If so have you listened to Lacey Sturm's views on this theme?
Michiel Poortvliet@mchlprtvlt · Student
Hey Mike. In the introduction you tell us you were a gamer when you were a teenager. Do you still play any games?
Welcome @mikeshinoda ! In podcast, you said that you don't like questions like "When will you come to *type any country here*? " so don't worry, I won't ask about that :P I've got some creative (I think so!) questions for such a creative person like You ;) 1. You've written above that you loved Mega Man, Super Mario and all the Nintendo stuff. But I'm wondering do you like Sonic The Hedgehog? Also, what other games have you played? Counter Strike, Witcher maybe? Or maybe you've got no time for this? 2. You said that there are some creepy LP fans all over the world. What was the creepiest/strangest situation or fan that you met? 3. What cartoons have you watched/are watching? I'm very curious about that :D 4. What do you think of AMVs (Animated Music Videos)? That stuff is quite popular in the internet and for many people it is the first contact with a band and they often become that band's fans. Like me! My history with LP began with an AMV about Star Wars with In The End as a music track. These videos are often very creative, here's an example:
5. Have you heard about Hybrid Project? 6. Final Masquerade is incredible. Can you say something about that song? Well, I think that's all, thank you for sitting with us here (even if you won't respond to my question). Also, thank you for your hard work. Because of it, world has got your amazing music and your amazing history. You are epic. Greetings from Poland!
LP Soldier Ann@lpsoldier998
Hi Mike! I have two questions so far....What's your favorite Linkin Park song? and.....Who is your favorite Lord of the Rings character? (If you have seen the movie) I just want to say that I love LP so much and you guys are my idols :3
Julia R@ingolwen
Dear Mike! First: thank you for creating "Linkin Park", you guys are like life-long friends to me who always help me up when I'm down! So admire both the music and the relationships in the band, and how you stay true to yourselves and your talent, how you grow and change regardless of the haters. And you personally, Mike, made me change my mind about rap - yeah, it's all your fault, once I used to hate rap, then got used to it through "LP" :). (I guess, many rock fans can say the same). Glad "Fort Minor" is back. Questions: 1) You have amazing skills in communicating with people - really with anyone anywhere. What's the secret? (Besides your smile :)) 2) Why runic-like letters for "Fort Minor" logos? Rap and runes - feels a bit strange :) 3) What are your favourite drawing/painting techniques?
@mikeshinoda Hi Mike, here are my questions: 1. How is the work in the studio going? 2. You wrote the title theme for the tv show "Into The Badlands". How did you get involved and what was your experience like? 3. Will you continue playing Fort Minor shows on future LP tours? (Those I attended in Berlin and Düsseldorf were amazing!) Have a nice day and thank you for doing this! Love and greetings, Aline
Mike Shinoda@mikeshinoda · Linkin Park, Fort Minor
@alinelpfan Thank you! INTO THE BADLANDS is a new (AMC) show, set in a kinda dystopian future with a great story and a lot of amazing fight choreography. They showed me a few early clips, and I liked it. So I did the theme song.
@mikeshinoda @alinelpfan Sounds great, I'll definitely watch the show!
kika.a@kika_a11 · lawyer
@mikeshidoda I just objected a case about an oil corporation :/
An Van Oppens@anvanoppens · Graphic Designer | LPBE Ambassador
Hey Mike! Another one; Recently you made a post on Instagram about a new art project you're working on. How is that currently going? Any way you could tell us more about it (even hints)? :) Always enjoy seeing your art. Thanks! An
BradRockZ@r_delmariason · Linkin Park Lover
@mikeshinoda why isn't my question being submitted?! Anyway. Mike, tell me what's the best electronic guitar for beginners.
Mike Shinoda@mikeshinoda · Linkin Park, Fort Minor
@r_delmariason My first guitar was a beginner Fender Strat. After that, I saved up for a PRS, not sure which model.
Leilani C@deadsymphony79 · Artist
@r_delmariason I started off with the same guitar, it's really good
Leilani C@deadsymphony79 · Artist
@r_delmariason I started off with the same guitar, it's really good
Alex Garcia@alexsoldier210
@mikeshinoda Name For The New Album xD?
Mike Shinoda@mikeshinoda · Linkin Park, Fort Minor
@alexsoldier210 What do you think it should be called?
Aaron Halvorson@aaronhalvorson_ · Aaron Halvorson
An Van Oppens@anvanoppens · Graphic Designer | LPBE Ambassador
@mikeshinoda @alexsoldier210 MegaMike :') (I'm sorry)
@mikeshinoda @alexsoldier210 I think this is good ,,Bacon boat"
So Mike, will we ever hear "No Roads Left" live? Also when will you guys visit Denmark again?
@thefireruby12 Hi, he at least sang a few lines of No Roads Left over the bridge of Bleed It Out. Watch here: http://youtu.be/VEL_Bsqg2B8