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Kevin Jonas

Musician, Actor, Entrepreneur

THIS CHAT HAPPENED ON December 15, 2015


kevin jonas
kevin jonas@kevinjonas
Hi everyone, Kevin Here. I can't wait to do my live chat with Product Hunt. Join me for a conversation on app distribution via social channels. Send your questions and I will answer some on the chat!
Jeff Needles
Jeff Needles@jsneedles · Data @ Houseparty & Maker of Things
@kevinjonas Hi Kevin, long time no chat. How is everything going with the new company? What have you found most exciting about your new role? Longer term, what are the biggest differences between the worlds of show biz & tech?
Mike Coutermarsh
Mike Coutermarsh@mscccc · Code @ GitHub
@kevinjonas 😀🌟. I'd love to know. What's the one thing you've done professionally that scared you the most?
Niv Dror
Niv Dror@nivo0o0 · VC at Shrug Capital
@KevinJonas thanks for joining us! The first time you tried cameo with the two amazing talented girls sing/playing the guitar was my favorited moment at Meerkat. Question: how did you first get interested in tech? After being such a successful musician growing up, to now being a founder, how did you first make the switch? Really cool to see what you've done in the tech with @YoodApp and you seem to be involved with @BoomBitGames and @Unrollme (awesome products).
Jeff Needles
Jeff Needles@jsneedles · Data @ Houseparty & Maker of Things
@nivo0o0 #CameoParty
Marcus Karoumi
Marcus Karoumi@mkaroumi · Marketing @
Hey Kevin, what made you have an "AMA" on Product Hunt and not on another platform? And what's your favorite startup? :)
Eli K.
Eli K.@eli_s_kami ·
@kevinjonas With all your experience and success in the music industry what made you decide to pivot your focus on food delivery and social media analytics? Through the amazing guests that have done PH Live, they tend to advise entrepreneurs to focus on products relating to their passions to help drive the companies growth and success. On the surface it appears that your new ventures are not in-line with this "passion" approach. Would you mind providing some input on how you handled the transition to new uncharted territory. Stay classy.
Jon@biggiephat · Software Engineer
2015 was a big year for you Kevin. What kind of apps, new business ventures or partnerships are on the horizon for 2016? Looking forward to see what you can do to push the industry forward and reinvent the way we use all our devices.
Hi Kevin, Thanks for joining. I have 2 questions: 1. What learnings from the music industry would you apply to the tech industry, and the other way around? 2. What's the best advice you can give in 6 words or less, to entrepreneurs?
Theoharis Dimarhos
Theoharis Dimarhos@theo_dimarhos · Marketing+Biz Dev at AngelouEconomics
Hi! What were the last two stories you heard/saw that made you donate somewhere?
Jourdan Bul-lalayao
Jourdan Bul-lalayao@jourdanb21 · Co-Founder & CTO, Jobox
@kevinjonas Hey Kevin! Thanks for chatting with us here on Product Hunt LIVE!!! My question for you is intentionally vague as I'd love for you to answer based on your interpretation of the question :). If you had only one tip to share to the world on how people can achieve their goals, what is your absolute #1 tip?
hi kevin what about your goals in the future?
@kevinjonas Hey Kevin! what is your favorite song that just came out this year? and what Song do you listen the most?
Jenna Dabish
Jenna Dabish@jennadabish · I love demi lovato
Hey Kevin! I'm a huge fan!! My question for you is: do you ever miss preforming with your brothers, if u could would you ever go back. Or are you more happy doing what your doing now?! :)
Joe Jonas' #1 Fan
Joe Jonas' #1 Fan@justinluvwjoej · College Student, Animator
@kevinjonas hi there long time fan of you and your brothers work! Just wondering what you've been up to lately & how are u enjoying life as a business man and a father now that you're not with the Bros anymore?? Also lots of love to you & all your family, hope everyone is doing well ^w^
Cindy :)
Cindy :)@cindy_18 · Secretary
Hi Kevin, are you planning to invest in other countries or are you already doing it? What are you interested in? Best Regards from Peru (Jonas Fan 4 ever)
Andrew Ettinger
Andrew Ettinger@andrewett · 👟 @wearAtoms // ex @Twitter @ProductHunt
What was the hardest thing about making it big? and when did you realize you had?
Andrew Ettinger
Andrew Ettinger@andrewett · 👟 @wearAtoms // ex @Twitter @ProductHunt
What are your favorite products you've discovered on Product Hunt?
What app do you currently use the most?
What your 4 most used apps on your phone?
Favorite Christmas movie of all time?