boreta (glitch mob)
Allan Lavell
Dean Grenier

Justin Boreta, Allan Lavell & Dean Grenier

Founders of Hyperspektiv

THIS CHAT HAPPENED ON January 27, 2016


Allan Lavell
Allan Lavell@allanlavell · @hyperspektiv ᗑ @glitchwizard
Hello ProductHunt! We are Justin Boreta, Allan Lavell, and Dean Grenier, the creators of Hyperspektiv. Hyperspektiv is a real-time reality distortion app for iOS. Happy to be here today - let's get started!
Thomas Stöcklein
Thomas Stöcklein@tomstocklein ·
What movies, books, apps or other kinds of art inspired you to create Hyperspektiv?
Harry Stebbings
Harry Stebbings@harrystebbings · Podcast Host @ The Twenty Minute VC
How do you view the distorted reality space for apps on phones? There seems to be very little integration of iPhones and distorted reality, what do you think of the market?
Emily Snowdon (née Hodgins)
Emily Snowdon (née Hodgins)@emilyjsnowdon · Operations @ Product Hunt
What was the hardest part about building the app? - What has been the funnest part of building the app?
Jerry Sarpong
Jerry Sarpong@jerryluti · Tech Enthusiasts
Looking at the price of your App, what plans do you have to make this App reach more people.