Josh Elman

Partner at Greylock. Previously Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.



Josh Elman@joshelman · Partner, Greylock
Hi I’m Josh Elman. I’m a VC at Greylock where I get to invest in great founders and companies building new consumer apps and products. I’m involved in Medium, Nextdoor, Operator, Jelly, Meerkat and SmartThings. Before becoming a VC, I got to help build Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Zazzle, and RealPlayer as a product manager and engineer.
Martin Skakala@mskakala · Founder & CEO
Hi Josh, thanks for doing the AMA here! What is the best way for non tech founder "to get" development & tech?
Danyal Ghani@deleted-412997 · Founder of CliqUps
With extremely successful unicorn founders like Evan Spiegel, Zuck or even the Yik Yak guys (prob not a unicorn but nonetheless very successful) how did they create such well oiled company cultures without having any corporate experience? It's like being drafted to the NBA right out of high school, right? So did their boards help them a lot as far as what to do/not to do on a business standpoint, or were they pretty much left to figure it out on their own? I guess what I'm asking is how (you) and Greylock would handle a first time founder who's hit high level traction right outta the gate...
Mohsen Khalkhali@mossibat · IoT investor @ Iratel Ventures
HI Josh, great to have you here. What is the one thing that a new VC can do to help a young ecosystem flourish?
Harry Stebbings@harrystebbings · Podcast Host @ The Twenty Minute VC
@joshelman Monsieur Elman, pleasure to speak to you again and fantastic to have you on @twentyminutevc when I was in SF? I think my question to you is, what question, if asked by an interview candidate would most impress you and why? Follow on, was I the biggest hustling interview candidate you have seen?!
Brendan Beirne@brendanbeirne · Product / strategy, Joojoo
Do you have any advice about how to make the transition from the development phase of a startup to the go-to-market phase? It seems to me that moving from the heads-down product development mentality to a more public-facing operation requires a culture change that can be difficult to get right.
Hi Josh, thanks for your time. You have helped building many successful startups. What was your favorite project and why?
Cherie Hu@cheriehu42 · music industry thinker/writer
For startups in which you choose not to invest, do you follow their progress over time and reevaluate your beliefs/strategies if they end up doing better than the startups at your own VC? What is the extent of such "institutional memory" at Greylock and/or at VC firms in general?
Arsene Lavaux@renaissance17 · Founder failed startups. Do it again.
Hi Josh, thanks for doing this live chat. Is traction still a necessary condition in 2016 to raise capital in the Silicon Valley for an early stage startup?
Martin Skakala@mskakala · Founder & CEO
Hi Josh, one more question - do you think there is some space for european developers to be outsourced for the US startups? What would be the best niche? Thanks again.
Matt Michaux@frenchboymatt · Co-Founder and CEO, Hustle
Hi Josh - thanks for your recent post about accelerating growth via an existing platform. Great stuff! Can you expand on how this plays into Greylock's investment strategy? Are you actively looking for companies that are ripe for acceleration, or ones that already have it figured out? Is this a type of gap that you're able to fill in an EIR role?
Luís Otávio Ribeiro@luisofribeiro · Product, Catarse
What do you think would be good examples of OMTM for a crowdfunding plataform?
Adam Marx@adammarx13 · Freelance writer/editor and music addict
Hey Josh, thanks for taking some time today. You meet with tons of founders and invariably hear tons of pitches. What is something that immediately draws you to a person/team in a way where you say to yourself, "Wow, I NEED to be working with these people"?