Jordan “CaptainSparklez” Maron

World-famous web streamer and now game developer

THIS CHAT HAPPENED ON September 08, 2015


Jordan Maron@captainsparklez · CaptainSparklez
EDIT: I've gotta drive back home to get back to making videos, but thanks to everyone who stopped by and asked a question! Sorry I wasn't able to get to all of them, but you can still scroll through to see all the other responses. Have a good one and I'll see you in the next video! Hi, I'm Jordan Maron, perhaps better known as CaptainSparklez, and I've been creating gaming-centric video content on the web for the last five and a half years. One year ago I partnered up with Activision co-founder Howard Marks to form Xreal with a mission to develop mobile e-sports games. Fortress Fury, is our first title, and was released on Android and iOS platforms in May of this year.
kristen @fedorskihead113
@captainsparklez What's the cringiest thing a fan has ever said/done to you?
Jordan Maron@captainsparklez · CaptainSparklez
@fedorskihead113 Didn't directly happen to me, but a parent and child once showed up at my mom's house and then tried to get a photo without her permission. Not super cool.
Jordan's Potato@cptsparklezgf · nimic
@captainsparklez a parent? Dafuq is wrong with this world :|
Will Bouhuys@willixir
@captainsparklez What program do you use to edit your videos? Are there any widely used ones that you avoid for any reason?
Thomas Van Iseghem@superthomyboy · YouTuber (SuperThomyboy)
@willixir he really needs to answer this
Russ Frushtick@russfrushtick
@captainsparklez Hey Jordan, thanks for joining us! It seems like mobile esports are still trying to make it into the public conciousness and reach the sort of saturation that games like LoL and CS have hit. Why do you think now is a good time for mobile esports to start exploding? What has been missing so far?
Jordan Maron@captainsparklez · CaptainSparklez
@russfrushtick I think mobile devices and cellular data networks have reached a point where they are technically able to handle complex multiplayer gameplay, when it may not have been possible just a few years ago. Given that mobile devices now outnumber desktop computers and are heavily used for gaming, it's only a matter of time until mobile e-sports become fairly commonplace.
When is your next Minecraft song coming out?
Jordan Maron@captainsparklez · CaptainSparklez
@skywalkerprimey Not totally sure... In my personal experience I've found that giving release dates for things isn't a great strategy, so I'll just keep on being cryptic and mysterious.
Holly Bradford@nerdyduckling · Student
Do you have a favorite video that you've made?
Jordan Maron@captainsparklez · CaptainSparklez
@nerdyduckling generally whatever the latest music video is... which involves a lot more people than just me, but I'm still proud to be a part of them.
Michael Zeliff@michaelzeliff
When are we going to get a house tour?
Jordan Maron@captainsparklez · CaptainSparklez
@michaelzeliff I would really love to do it, but while an apartment layout is generally fairly unidentifiable, a house is a bit more unique and I feel as a result of the video a handful of people would go into super private investigator mode and attempt to figure out the location. As much as I love everyone who watches my videos, my house is my own private place and I don't want to have people showing up uninvited, which is something that happens regularly to many friends of mine who have filmed their homes.
Garrett Blake Smith@pokepokeface1 · Gaming
@captainsparklez clever girl
Mark Vadeika@mcvadeika
Since your job consists of you narrating what you're doing, do you ever find yourself doing it off camera?
Jordan Maron@captainsparklez · CaptainSparklez
@mcvadeika I sometimes think to myself in the form of a conversation, but I've never found myself shoutcasting my own actions before. Maybe I should attach a camera to myself and live stream 24/7 so that I can do that.
Jessica Gregory@chocolatequill · Entrepreneur
@captainsparklez Okay yeah this would make the best video. Please do it.
MusicTechnician@technicianmusic · Entertainer, MusicTechnician
@captainsparklez That would be an awesome a shoutcasted 'Day in the life' rather than the vlogged format
whats your order at chipotle
Jordan Maron@captainsparklez · CaptainSparklez
@88kaylee8 I've always ended up feeling sick after eating Chipotle, so I don't have a favorite order :(
Jessica Gregory@chocolatequill · Entrepreneur
Naomi grace wallace@cupcakehoney4
Are you having a good day
Jordan Maron@captainsparklez · CaptainSparklez
@cupcakehoney4 SUPER DOOPER. Though I do have to do a bunch of change of address stuff because of moving and that can be a bit tedious and boring.
Agyey Arya@agyeyarya · student
What was your career goals before becoming a youtuber?
Jordan Maron@captainsparklez · CaptainSparklez
@agyeyarya I was pursuing a degree in chemical engineering, so likely I'd either still be working towards a masters or be trying to find work at an oil company or something of the sort.
Mercedes Santoyo@santoyomercedes · Student
Did you find any baby spiders in that room yet?
Jordan Maron@captainsparklez · CaptainSparklez
@santoyomercedes Fortunately not. But if I ever see a wolf spider with babies on its back I will probably run out of the house so fast I won't even have a chance to burn it down.
@captainsparklez What is your favorite song? :)
Jordan Maron@captainsparklez · CaptainSparklez
@pixelizedcocoa My favorite song changes on a weekly basis - whenever I hear a new song that I really like, I listen to it a whole bunch, and as a result it generally loses a bit of its luster and the process repeats. As for where I find those songs, though, it's generally on A State of Trance.
@captainsparklez what's your middle name?
Sleepy Potato@cactusgirl15
Whats your opinion on the name Aliza?
Jordan Maron@captainsparklez · CaptainSparklez
@cactusgirl15 It sounds like a name that will go on to do great things.
Brian Clark@brianxclark
Are you currently shuffling any game ideas to make?
Jordan Maron@captainsparklez · CaptainSparklez
@brianxclark I don't have any fully coherent ideas for new games at the moment, probably because I'm focused on Fortress Fury and haven't had reason to brainstorm a new game. I guess I do have a couple ideas for games I would like to see, but sadly they are ideas that would require many many years and many many millions of dollars to develop, so they aren't quite so realistic right now :P
AssassinatorsArmy@assassinatorsa · youtuber
what would you day to someone who is newer to editing videos?
Tim Smith@captainsmiff
@captainsparklez What's your favorite part about doing YouTube?
Jordan Maron@captainsparklez · CaptainSparklez
@captainsmiff I think being able to do what I love to do for a living while being my own boss is a pretty cool thing and for that I am quite lucky.
@captainsparklez What do you think that would've happened if Adam/Nanners never dared you to change your name into CaptainSparklez?
Jordan Maron@captainsparklez · CaptainSparklez
@songofthesea_ I had already decided I was going to change my username, so I guess I would have just ended up with a different alias, I don't know exactly what it would have been, though.
Liam Bradshaw@supermaskzedino · Supermask
@captainsparklez name one youtuber that you really want to play with the most?