Jonah Keri

Author of NYT bestseller The Extra 2%

THIS CHAT HAPPENED ON February 24, 2016


Jonah Keri@jonahkeri · Nerdist/CBS/SI
Hello, Jonah Keri and Hunter Swensson here. Jonah is a NYT best selling author and national writer for CBS Sports and Sports Illustrated, and the host of The Jonah Keri Podcast on the Nerdist network. And I'm the Co Founder of Paranoid Fan - a "Waze for live sports and music events." We both share a passion for #sportstech and can't wait to jump into a great discussion with everyone! Talk soon.
Nik Sharma@mrsharma · Director of Performance Marketing, hint
Hi Jonah! As an author, how have you seen social media evolve as a way for you to connect with your readers, or even to tap into social conversations around your book? Do you use something like Twitter Search to ever find conversations about your book, and then jump in and intervene? Thanks for the time!
Jonah Keri@jonahkeri · Nerdist/CBS/SI
@mrsharma I just try to be myself on social media. That means just being friendly and goofy, as well as a ton of Simpsons jokes, Little Big League references, and fawning over Bartolo Colon. If people like that, great. If they don't, I don't really sweat it. // Re: Twitter search - oh goodness, no! That's the worst thing you can do if you have any kind of public profile. I can't imagine the bombs being tossed via subtweet, and don't want to think about them. If someone wants to tweet constructive criticism at me, that's great. But if I'm not being tagged, it's probably for a reason.
Emily Hodgins@ems_hodge · Operations @ Product Hunt
Hi Jonah what's the future of sports tech?
Adam Stein@adambstein · Systems QA Engineer
I've seen you tweeting about "Vegas" baseball team win totals and assorted projections. Is there one team you think will be better than the various projections and win lines, and one you think will be worse?
Thomas Stöcklein@tomstocklein ·
Are there currently any plans to turn The Extra 2% into a movie similar to Moneyball?
Jonah Keri@jonahkeri · Nerdist/CBS/SI
@tomstocklein If you've got a production company that would like to make this happen, I'm all ears! Otherwise...the book came out in 2011, so if it hasn't happened by now, I'd say the odds are long for this to ever happen.
Thomas Stöcklein@tomstocklein ·
If you could buy any MLB team, which one would you chose and why?
Jonah Keri@jonahkeri · Nerdist/CBS/SI
@tomstocklein The Cubs would be pretty sweet to own right about now. Iconic stadium, major market, loaded with young talent, strong front office and manager in place.
What activity, sport or hobby were you incredibly passionate about as a kid? Curious to know what #WeLearnFrom
Jonah Keri@jonahkeri · Nerdist/CBS/SI
@casielane Even though I cover baseball for a living, I grew up playing basketball, and have played for most of my life. Doesn't hurt that I'm tall (6'4", and I was this height when I was 14). Especially in my teens and 20s, I needed basketball to blow off steam, since my natural personality is so high-affect. By engaging in such a rigorous sport, and venting all my...ummm...stuff, I was able to be more grounded and pleasant in my everyday interactions!
Lejla Bajgoric@lejlahunts · Intern, Product Hunt
What are some recent innovations in sports tech you're most excited about?
Emily Hodgins@ems_hodge · Operations @ Product Hunt
Between your podcast and writing, what's a typical day look like for you, and how do you best manage your time?
Perry Curac-Dahl@perrycd101 · Strategist at Fueled
@jonahkeri @mrsharma How do you think VR and other immersive experiences will affect in-person ticket sales?