John Lilly

Partner at Greylock



John Lilly@johnolilly1
Hi! I’m John, one of the general partners here at Greylock. I’ve been an investor here for the last 4 1/2 years, and invest in a variety of different consumer and enterprise companies — Tumblr, Instagram, Dropbox, Jack Mobile (in stealth), Sparks, ClearSlide, and a few others that will become more public shortly. Before this, I ran Mozilla for a few years, starting there in 2005, shortly after the launch of Firefox 1.0 — I was lucky to help build it up to ~25% of Internet usage by 2010. Other stuff I’ve done includes starting my own company, Reactivity (sold to Cisco in 2007), working at Apple when SJ came back, and teaching at the Stanford My educational background is from Stanford in Computer Science, Design & Electrical Engineering. Mostly, I’m a nerd & love software and hardware of all sorts. Ask me anything. :)
Vladimir Hristov@vladimir_hristov · Open Source Innovation
Hi John, what is your take on startups that go the OpenSource way? I can see a number of investors and funds are "scared" by cutting edge innovation that is going OpenSource and I would like to hear your take on it Coming from Mozilla I am sure you can share some great insights.
alexandremayol@alexandremayol · DayPass: hotel pools & fitness on demand
Hi John, Thank you for sharing your time here. What apps are on your phone's first screen?
David Bellaiche@david770 · Co-founder of Tack App
Hi John, which book would you have enjoyed reading it 20 years ago? (i.e your favorite books)
Dan Flanegan@dflanegan · Co-Founder, Butter
Heya John! When you meet with startups, what is the first thing you look for from a signaling perspective... team, product, traction etc. I'll constrain you by saying you must choose one... if possible! Thanks for doing this!