Jesse Williams

Co-founder of Ebroji. Actor, Activist and Entrepreneur

THIS CHAT HAPPENED ON January 29, 2016


jesseWilliams.@ijessewilliams · Co-founder, Ebroji
Hi Product Hunters, we're Jesse, Aryn and Glenn - the team behind Ebroji App. I'm Jesse, you may know me as an actor, activist, or hoops podcast host but it's my passion for language and technology that brings me to Product Hunt LIVE to share our vision for the future of communication, and Ebroji. I'm Glenn, a conceptual artist based in Los Angeles but currently in Texas opening a solo exhibition. The intersection of art and tech sits at the core of both my practice, and our development of Ebroji! We want to explore that with you today! And I'm Aryn, a multiracial and multilingual lover of the cultures and their respective ability to speak for their own. I had no idea that my simple idea would dive us into the language and tech development space so quickly. Together we've built Ebroji app, the mobile conversation energizer and we're looking forward to discussing all things tech, apps & design with you. Fire away
What future plans do you have for this app?
Eloquent Graffitti@eloqentgraffiti
Hey ijessewilliams, one question. How exactly will you be able to give credit to the gif makers involved. I'm just trying to wrap my head around this, so please bear with me, and correct me if I'm wrong. A lot of gif creators are incredibly frustrated that their gifs get stolen. In this platform, the user agreement says that you can only upload gifs that are created by you. But in reality, there's no way to keep track of who made what gif -so that statement in the end user agreement is arbitrary - kind of makes it seem like hey, we're giving you the credit, but in actuality, you're not really. Which means, there's nothing stopping users from uploading gifs they didn't create onto your platform. Even if the gif makers themselves upload the gif, as soon as it is uploaded - they lose any "moral rights" they may have had to the gifs in the first place - meaning it's ebroji's to do what it wants with it thereafter. And just incase a user has a problem that someone stole a gif they made and uploaded it onto the platform, ebroji is not responsible for any disputes that may arise between the users. So in the end, as far as i can see, the gif maker gets screwed, everyone else has fun with what they made. It could be a pretty cool app, but I just think it's a little misleading to advertise it as "you get all the good stuff, the fun and the credit" without really being able to promise the credit. It'd be great if ebroji can show some appreciation to the gif makers involved - who make no profit whatsoever by your app - by fine tuning it to prevent users from uploading gifs they shouldn't be able to take any credit for.
What brought together the team? Were you all sitting around and did someone think "hey, let's create an emoji keyboard?"
Do you think Ebroji will be available for Android in the near future?
What's the process been like in terms of adding gifs and their various categories?
Safae Megzari@safaemegzari
First, I wanna say congratulations on this amazing app!!👏 👏 Second, Can we have #Ebroji for Android soon please? I downloaded it on my iPad and it's awesome!! I already made my dad and cousin downloaded it on their phones ;) But the problem is that I use an Android phone and I want to benefit from this app too :/ So how long do I have to wait to join the fun?
What was your original inspiration for making ebroji
Can you make it possible to not save the gifs when I use it for a tweet? I am running out of storage !!!
Annie@amellashepherd · ANNIE
@cailiestorres good question.
How long did it take to develop the Ebroji app?
Emma McGrath@emmamcg95 · Adult Nurse
Amazing app! Exactly what the market has been missing. I was working night duty in the coronary care unit in a hospital in Ireland on Tuesday night and was showing my colleagues the app and they all loved it! Did you ever think the app would go global so quickly and have such a diverse population using it?
Aleksić Katarina@aleksic_katarina
Jesse I love you so much ❤❤❤❤ I love your role in Greys You are handsome and really good actor.I hope Jackson and April will come back together 💕💕💕💕💕💕
How long has this app been in the works?
Have you heard of iJesseFish
Where did the idea for this app come from?
Tell everyone on set to use ebroji
Lisa Higgins@lisa_higgins
A few questions for you. When developing the app, was the simple layout a conscious choice to engage users. Creating a better user experience? Are there limits to apps such as Ebroji? In the development stage of the app, did you beta test it with your target audience?
What's your favorite or most used category in the Ebroji app?
Kuniki@kuniki06 · Intellectual Property Attorney
Hello Jesse, I really appreciate your activism. 1) why do you think other celebrities, in positions of power and with a platform, tend not to speak out on controversial social issues? 2) How did you get involved with the Ebroji team? If they recruited you, what was the primary issue that convinced you to back the App/team?
where did the name "ebroji" come from?