Jermaine Dupri

Grammy Award Winning Song Writer and Producer. Author, DJ, & CEO of SO SO DEF & GLOBAL14

THIS CHAT HAPPENED ON September 21, 2015


Jermaine Dupri@jermainedupri · CEO
Hey, Jermaine here - you know what to do.
Rio Adams@rioadams11 · Songwriter
Would you ever put another male group project together and do you think the appreciation of male r&b artists has gone down since rappers began singing with auto tune?
Jermaine Dupri@jermainedupri · CEO
@rioadams11 yes i would love to put anothe male group, i do think appreciation is gone but i also think new artist have to work harder and stop trying to live on the fums of the past
Erik Torenberg@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
Jermaine - thank you for joining us today. A couple questions 1) What are your long term goals in the tech-space? 2) Broadly, what do you want your legacy to be?
Jermaine Dupri@jermainedupri · CEO
@eriktorenberg my long term goal in the tech space is i believe it to be the biggest artist ive ever created lol, and my legacy im not sure yet
DJ Skee@djskee
How has your approach to music, and the industry, changed because of technology? What would So So Def have been like back in the day if the internet was around? PS, lets get u back up to the studios soon!
Jermaine Dupri@jermainedupri · CEO
@djskee my idea of releasing music has change because of the internet, its no more waiting soon as you make it drop it ,if theinternet was going crazy back when i created SSD i wouldve probably sold double the # of records
Justin F Harris@justinfharris · Co-Founder, Beehive
@jermainedupri Where do you see the future of music and artist distribution going in the future? Is there any artist you would particularly like to work with that you haven't yet? Have you thought of investing or working in the tech space? Thanks JD!
Jermaine Dupri@jermainedupri · CEO
@justinfharris yes im in the tech space i created my own social network called its a home for jermainr dupri like minded people, i wanna work with august asina and Ed sheeran
Justin F Harris@justinfharris · Co-Founder, Beehive
@jermainedupri Thanks JD and I'll check out Global14. Best of luck!
☯ ☥ ➆ ☪Racquea ✡☮☤♍@knowthyself87 · Holistic Psychology Practitioner
@jermainedupri How do you manage to stay positive when dealing with difficult or challenging situations and what do you recommend for people in those situations?
Jermaine Dupri@jermainedupri · CEO
@knowthyself87 i take a real close look at what it is im calling difficult,cause some times its not really
☯ ☥ ➆ ☪Racquea ✡☮☤♍@knowthyself87 · Holistic Psychology Practitioner
@jermainedupri Right because it's only difficult if you perceive it as such, gotcha. Excellent response!
Caleya Black@caleyablack · Artist
@jermainedupri Do you think there is still a place for neo soul in today's music industry?
Carleita@carleita7 · Event Coordinator, American Cancer Socie
@jermainedupri how important is mobile music marketing? What has been the best music marketing platform for you-most recently?
Ross Simmonds@thecoolestcool · Entrepreneur | Giving 💯
What things do you do to help find inspiration before creating music?
Jermaine Dupri@jermainedupri · CEO
@thecoolestcool i stay in the clubs
daniellevine@daniellevine · Fireside
Thank's for doing this AMA. I'm wondering, what's the best thing you've come across in the last 30 days and why? Could be anything, a product, an article, a tea, a quote. Anything! Thanks for answering.
Jermaine Dupri@jermainedupri · CEO
@daniellevine i found a new artist on twitter that i really like
daniellevine@daniellevine · Fireside
@jermainedupri aweosme! Who?
@daniellevine I hope it's Blazo from Vegas
ED@aten · CEO & Designer,
Hi Jermaine - Thanks for coming! If you could join any tech company, which one would you join and what would be your role?
Jermaine Dupri@jermainedupri · CEO
@aten probably instagram im not sure what my role would be lol
Chris Lyons@chrislyons · Chief of Staff, Andreessen Horowitz
JD, thanks again for stopping by Product Hunt today. It would be great to hear more on the inspiration behind the new Music Moguls series you're working on.
Jermaine Dupri@jermainedupri · CEO
@chrislyons i actull have 2 new tvs coming, Music moguls on Bet and Rap Games on Lifetime,Rapgames is about kid artist that have a heavy youtube following doing shows ect... but no record deals so their coming to ATL to the jermaine Dupri help camp and then Moguls is gonna give you a birds eye look at everything i do to become a mogul
Rio Adams@rioadams11 · Songwriter
What's the most effective way to send you original music?
Jermaine Dupri@jermainedupri · CEO
@rioadams11 post on Global14 with a nice message about your self or the artist
Ryan Hoover@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Welcome, Jermaine! What apps are on your homescreen?
Jermaine Dupri@jermainedupri · CEO
@rrhoover 2 many lol but one you should get is my game called 4 lanes
Ingrid Green@ingridium · Founder, The 90 | STEM + 5v5 Soccer
@jermainedupri Whatup Jermaine? Thanks for doing this. How / Why should historically Black colleges encourage more students to enter the tech space?
Jermaine Dupri@jermainedupri · CEO
@ingridium because if not there gonna be so far behind other kids, its crazy!!!
Trapladdin@itsg3 · Recording Artist
In what ways do you think social media has NEGATIVELY effected the music industry? Do you think it's made fans more impatient?
Jermaine Dupri@jermainedupri · CEO
@itsg3 the respect level is now gone because of it
Nina @__lilredd
Why haven't you signed G3 yet??
Jermaine Dupri@jermainedupri · CEO
Emily Hodgins@ems_hodge · Operations @ Product Hunt
Hey Jermaine, what has been the most exciting moment of your career to date?
Jermaine Dupri@jermainedupri · CEO
@ems_hodge watching Kris Kross turn into exactlly what i said
Jarrett Abello@jarrettabello
First of all, salute for the years of work you have put in. You are a hip-hop icon and have worked with and performed with so many great artists. With that being said, what's the first thing that comes to your mind when I say: Slim Jesus?
Jermaine Dupri@jermainedupri · CEO
@jarrettabello the white kid that says he not bout that life he just likes to rap about guns
Since Xscape And Usher who has been your latest R&B discovery?
Jermaine Dupri@jermainedupri · CEO
@kyreeis ive had anthony Hamilton, Jagged Edge,Dondria,
Jonathan Howard@staringispolite · Growth engineer & founder
@jermainedupri Did Jagged Edge ever figure out where the party at? :)