Jason Fried

Founder & CEO of Basecamp

THIS CHAT HAPPENED ON December 18, 2015


Jason Fried@jasonfried · CEO, Basecamp
Hi all! Jason here. Very excited to be here today so let's kick things off with some questions!
Phil Ren@philren · Advisor of Driva.ai, the elder one.
Hi Jason, Thanks for chatting with us. My question is what you think of the product differentiation between all kinds of task apps? Like yours, Asana and Trello. Do you believe there is one best way to organize projects and tasks?
Hi @jasonfried How will you spend your time if you've got one hour to solve a user problem/need? Thanks!
Irina Zayats@izayats
Jason, what books/ideas/people have shaped your product design views the most? I am a huge fan of Basecamp and the unique UX decisions you have made over the years. Any advice for someone looking to get better at building remarkable web products?
Nicolas@nicolasmlv · dev
How did you meet Jeff Bezos? Could you give us one of his best advice?
Mike Coutermarsh@mscccc · Code @ GitHub
Hi @jasonfried! I'd love to know. Whats the one thing you've done professionally that scared you the most? How'd it turn out? 😀
Alejandro Brega@alejandrob · CEO, MediaFem
Hi Jason, if you have to start a company today, on which area in the saas industry you Wil see an opportunity to start the business? Thanks!!
Javier Escribano@fesja · CEO, Selltag
Hi @jasonfried, Basecamp has always been a "niche" project management tool (in the good sense), you didn't cover all types of use cases and you were proud of it because it made Basecamp simpler and more focused. However with the new Basecamp I feel like you have abandoned that strategy trying to cover several more use cases. Would you agree? Could it be because of Slack, Trello, Asana which are getting more usage, and you worry they would steal clients? Thanks for inspiring us!
Robert Williams@letsworkshop · Workshop
Hey Jason, you're awesome. You're a proponent of "scratching your own itch" and dog-fooding the products you create. How does this translate to a service business, where the service you are providing may not solve your own business's problems? For example, I run a lead-generation business for design and development consultancies, but I don't use the leads I find. Do you think that this disconnect can be overcome? Will this always be a disadvantage?
Theoharis Dimarhos@theo_dimarhos · Marketing+Biz Dev at AngelouEconomics
@jasonfried Hi Jason! When it comes to storytelling, what have you found to be the best elements of telling a story?
Bilal Budhani@bilalbudhani · Indie Builder | Micropreneur
@jasonfried How to do you and your team are so good at managing your time and stay productive? I always struggle with that. BTW, I'm a big fan of You, DHH and BaseCamp.
Kalina Zografska@kzograf · Product fella @trygigster & @publitas
@jasonfried It would be interesting to hear about what your own notion of what success and fulfilment is! it was quite inspiring to read about @dhh's post on this a month back, so eager to hear the contrasts and similarities on the worldviews between you guys here. Cheers, big fan!
Jourdan Bul-lalayao@jourdanb21 · Co-Founder & CTO, Jobox
Hey Jason!! Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with us here on Product Hunt!! I've used Basecamp before at one of my previous companies and it was indeed a useful product! My question is intentionally vague as I'd love for you to answer based on your interpretation of the question :). If you had only one tip to share with entrepreneurs on how to build a successful startup, what is your absolute #1 tip? Thanks Jason!!
Mohamed Said@themsaid · Web Developer at Laravel
Hello Jason I must say I'm a big fan of 37signals and that your "Getting Real" and "Rework" books changed the way I work and the way I manage my life in general. My question is, why do you think it's too hard for people to get real? Why do they prefer to follow big fat business books instead of just getting real and do what needs to be done in the simplest way. Most of the people who read the books based on my recommendation thought it was making it look easy, and if it was that easy then why the failing startups are more than the successful ones.
Drew DePriest@drewdepriest · Smart Buildings | IoT | comfyapp.com
Hi Jason! Change management question for you: how did you manage the transition from 37 Signals to Basecamp internally as well as externally? Did it go according to plan?
Lachlan Campbell@lachlanjc · Hack Club design/JS—HS 🎓—they/them—🌈
Awesome that you're doing this! I'm wondering: what has been the hardest part of running Basecamp?
Nishant Upadhyay@nishant2692 · Ruby on Rails Developer
@jasonfried What is your approach when you start solving a problem? What are the best practices you had followed to become a great developer??
Harry Stebbings@harrystebbings · Podcast Host @ The Twenty Minute VC
@jasonfried thanks so much for joining us today, what a massive fan I am of your and your TED talk is still my fave to date!! I would love to hear how you are planning to build the Basecamp platform. I have listened to the podcast, what other attempts are you utilising to make it a lifestyle brand? Always welcome on @twentyminutevc for our Founder's Friday Segment, would be an honour to have you on the show. Drop me a line at harry@thetwentyminutevc.com if you would be interested!
Sehaj Taneja@imsehajtaneja · CoFounder alume.co
@jasonfried #greatTEDTalk #ReWork - the book that changed the way I live life. My Ques: How much time should a Startup devote in Competition Analysis & Research while in ideation stage. Should the fear of competition from Big Guns hinder us anyway, what's the solution to it. @jasonfried
Louis Grenier@louisslices · Content Lead @Hotjar
Hi Jason, I'm a big fan of your work, your books and everything in between. Thank you for the inspiration. What do you believe in that most people don't? What would be your best advice for a self-funded entrepreneur who want to succeed? Thanks, Louis