Hooman Radfar

Partner at Expa. Founder at AddThis: sold, Oracle. Builder and investor.



Hooman Radfar@hooman_radfar · partner @expa
Hi - I'm Hooman Radfar. I've been lucky to work on super-scale, data-driven product and growth projects and built stuff that's reached over 2B people. I've also invested and advised companies like Uber, Hyperloop, Convoy, Washio and Thrive Market. I'm psyched to jam with you guys-- ask me anything!
Aaron Jorbin@aaronjorbin · CTO, Happytables
Hi @hoomanradfar - What advice do you have for first-time founders that are searching for funding? When you are approached, how do you judge if something will be a good investment?
Emily Hodgins@ems_hodge · Operations @ Product Hunt
Hi Hooman, what are three things that every new founder should constantly be thinking?
Emily Hodgins@ems_hodge · Operations @ Product Hunt
What's the biggest challenge you've had to overcome in your career to date? How did you overcome this?
Mohsen Khalkhali@mossibat · IoT investor @ Iratel Ventures
@hoomanradfar good to have you here and congrats on the (re)launch of Expa. Do you think connecting Silicon Valley to other ecosystems is beneficial? if yes, how should we optimise for the best result?
alexandremayol@alexandremayol · DayPass: hotel pools & fitness on demand
Hi @hoomanradfar, Thank you for being here, What apps are on your first page's phone?
Norm Liang@normanliang · VP of Growth, Sungy Mobile
Hooman, how has your model for growth changed from the products you started building to the products you are working on now?
Mohamed Abbassi@pixmonkey · Founder @Peps / Peps.io
Hi Hooman, great to have you here, do you think Expa can help abroad startups get in ?
How would you compare Expa Studios to Rocket Internet (apart from being private/public, market cap, etc) ... ?
Tim Ahmann@timahmann
Hey Hooman, what's the book you've re-read the most?
Norm Liang@normanliang · VP of Growth, Sungy Mobile
@Hoomanradfar what tools do you use to get scale across your projects @expa?
Marc Canter@marc_canter · Macromedia and Cola dude
Willl Expa be investing in founders who are older than you? Perhaps old school OG multimedia dudes (who also just built Cola!)
Marc Canter@marc_canter · Macromedia and Cola dude
Policy related issues that understand what the new jobs will be - is exactly the opportunity we're focused on!