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Host & EP of YouTube’s ThinkTank. Producer & guest host of The Young Turks, & serial content creator



Hannah Cranston@hannahcranston · Hannah Cranston
Thank you for all of your questions!! This was fun! Feel free to shoot me any other questions on Twitter: twitter.com/hannahcranston or Instagram: instagram.com/run_hmc! XOXO!
Niv Dror@nivo0o0 · VC at Shrug Capital
@HannahCranston Hey Hannah, thanks for joining us! Curious how you first got involved with @TheYoungTurks, and what did you and @jiadarola do to celebrate when reaching 1 million YouTube subscribers on Think Tank? (wow) 👏👏
Hannah Cranston@hannahcranston · Hannah Cranston
@nivo0o0 I actually started at TYT as an intern and eventually transitioned into my role as host and EP of ThinkTank in January of 2015...we just celebrated our 1 million subscriber mark a little over a year later with champagne and a big party at YouTube Space LA!
Daniel Lee@dleesta · Product Manager
Hey Hannah, big fan of TYT. It's been fascinating (and very concerning) to see the role that media is playing in the presidential election. What effects do you think this presidential election will have on the media industry?
Hannah Cranston@hannahcranston · Hannah Cranston
@dleesta Depending on the outcome of this election... freedom of speech and net neutrality could greatly affect the media industry.
Mahmood Abdul@major_moody · Pharmacologist
Hey Hannah, I have two questions/suggestions. Firstly have you considered a possible ThinkTank integration with SnapChat?. Second question, what do you think of the idea of having a ThinkTank post game show, so members can get to know you and John a little more. It doesn't have to be called a post game show but the idea is for members to learn from your day-to-day experiences. I would like to end by reminding you, that your work on ThinkTank & TYTLive has made an impact on me, but also on a global audience which is so so important. You create a discussion on various issues, and I find myself constantly looking at things from a different point of view, which i love. Unfortunately sometimes people are caught up in a bubble, they simply don't consider looking at things differently. So your show helps alleviate that and I greatly appreciate your input, so thank you Hannah Cranston.
Johan Jigsved@johanjig
@major_moody Agree with you, but what i found most interesting is when "fan bases" turn into communities. Whould LOVE to see some kind of effort towards that. Matt Lieberman as an exmple had an amazing "fan comunity" for as long as he regulary put up videos on his personal channel.
Hannah Cranston@hannahcranston · Hannah Cranston
@major_moody Wow thanks for the kind words!! Just put a smile on my face :) And I'm glad you brought that up!!! John and I will actually be doing Facebook Live videos on facebook.com/thinktankfeed every single day, for BTS sneak peeks and to show what we do when we're not in front of the camera...ironically we'll be doing that, in front of a camera.
Mahmood Abdul@major_moody · Pharmacologist
@hannahcranston Well Hannah, if i can put a smile on your face just once, it's worth it, considering all the countless times you have on ThinkTank. I'll be tuning into facebook.com/thinktankfeed to see you and John do your thang 😂 ✌
Austin Sandmeyer@as_austin · Thinker/Student/Rockstar
Hey @HannahCranston! Big fan! I would love to know your take on where you see platforms like Snapchat coming into the video entertainment world. Are you a fan/user? Do you see it being heavily implemented in any of your series? 😊
Hannah Cranston@hannahcranston · Hannah Cranston
@as_austin Hey! Thanks! I enjoy Snapchat... (han.cran) and use it sporadically. I think Facebook and it's new live video feature is the future of video though and see ThinkTank and myself using that a lot more.
Gabriel Lewis@gabriel__lewis · 🤔
In today's world the media doesn't report many issues that are really important but don't generate views for the network. What issues do you think are important but are rarely discussed?
Fady Yatooma@fyatooma
what do you think is the biggest issue in this country?
Adam Schwindt@adam_schwindt · Seahawks & Mariners fan, movie & tv buff
Most attractive feature(s) in a guy?
Hannah Cranston@hannahcranston · Hannah Cranston
@adam_schwindt Humor and wit!
Harry Stebbings@harrystebbings · Podcast Host @ The Twenty Minute VC
@HannahCranston good question on the celebrations @nivdrorr love that one. Hannah, big fan and would love to know, how you position your content in terms of target customers? How do you attract such a wide variety of viewers without alienating those that like more specific content? Love to hear your thoughts on this one!
Christopher Li@christopher_li · Serial Entrepreneur & Software Engineer
@harrystebbings @hannahcranston @nivdrorr great question, love to hear the thoughts on this one as well
Hannah Cranston@hannahcranston · Hannah Cranston
@harrystebbings Great question!! I like to look at what's trending, what I think SHOULD be trending, what I think our viewers will find interesting, and what I think John and I will find interesting...and our content lies where all of those intersect
Caleb Solomon@cb_scares
How many days in advance do you record your videos?
Hannah Cranston@hannahcranston · Hannah Cranston
@cb_scares Sometimes an hour before we publish it, sometimes a whole month. Just depends on the content and how time sensitive it is.
Adam Schwindt@adam_schwindt · Seahawks & Mariners fan, movie & tv buff
What's your ideal first date?
Hannah Cranston@hannahcranston · Hannah Cranston
@adam_schwindt Something fun, silly, and laid back!
Adam Schwindt@adam_schwindt · Seahawks & Mariners fan, movie & tv buff
Other than TYT, what job would you love to do the most (i.e. Dream Job)?
Hannah Cranston@hannahcranston · Hannah Cranston
@adam_schwindt Does being Beyonce count?
Filip Johansen@filip_johansen · I make SoMe 🎥 series for the next 🦄.
Hey Hannah! What is your best tip when it comes to building a personal brand ?
Hannah Cranston@hannahcranston · Hannah Cranston
@filip_johansen BE AUTHENTIC!!
Terrence Johnson@chitownswag_24 · Packer & Grinder Pactiv
@HannahCranston First off I wanna say congrats on reaching a million subscribers im a huge fan of the show I wanted to ask u where has been the best place you've vacationed at and have u ever been to chicago before?
Chris A@dynamic_digi · Christopher Awuku (Dyni Digi Services)
Just one more quick thing.....iOS or Android, and why? lol
Hannah Cranston@hannahcranston · Hannah Cranston
@dynamic_digi iOS for it's simplicity and ease of use.
Marc Austin@marc_austin · RockValleyRanch
What is your nickname ?? I prefer H Cray
Hannah Cranston@hannahcranston · Hannah Cranston
@marc_austin That's a new one!
Lenny Thorson@poppalenny · Bar Owner
Which do you prefer...Jim Beam® (Kentucky bourbon) or Jack Daniel's® (Tennessee whiskey)??? ALSO: Which do you think would win in a fight...Cheerios™ or Froot Loops®???
Adam Schwindt@adam_schwindt · Seahawks & Mariners fan, movie & tv buff
Do you have any weird fetishes?
Adam Schwindt@adam_schwindt · Seahawks & Mariners fan, movie & tv buff
What is an embarrassing fact most people don't know about you?
Adam Schwindt@adam_schwindt · Seahawks & Mariners fan, movie & tv buff
Favorite type of film genre?