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Harry Stebbings@harrystebbings · Podcast Host @ The Twenty Minute VC
@ginatrapani wow what a moment for me, big fan of your work and love Lifehacker, thanks so much for joining us today, my question is what were the pivotal moments in the growth of Lifehackers, was it a specific partnership, marketing etc where you saw real upticks? When did momentum really start to build and why (basically!). Btw, would love to have you on @… See more
Gina Trapani@ginatrapani · Building software at Postlight
@harrystebbings Hi Harry! Thanks for your kind words. Lifehacker had a few pivotal moments in growth back when I was running it (which, remember, was ages ago, pre iPhones, Twitter, and Instagram). First was launch. Lifehacker was a Gawker Media site, and we'd landed a launch sponsorship from Sony. Back then, in 2005, that was virtually unheard of. Big bra… See more
Sean K. Gabriel@skaulana · Product & UX aficionado
@ginatrapani @harrystebbings Hi Gina! Quick follow up on this - how did you pick your first hire at Lifehacker, and was it your first time managing? Today what are your criteria for building an awesome team?
Gina Trapani@ginatrapani · Building software at Postlight
@skaulana @harrystebbings For editorial, copy editors, interns, and bloggers I had the most success picking hires from Lifehacker's existing community, watching who wrote well in the comments, who was able to make corrections without coming across like a know-it-all jackass, who understood the tone and voice of the site, and who wrote their own blogs and had… See more