Gary Vaynerchuk

Businessman, family man, and CEO of VaynerMedia



Gary Vaynerchuk@garyvee · CEO
Hi I'm Gary - I've been building business all my life. Starting in my 20's I grew the family business, a liquor store, from $3million to $45 million in 5 years by launching, one of America's first wine e-commerce businesses. Then in 2009 I co-founded VaynerMedia, a social first digital library helping brands market in the year we live in. Currently I'm an Angel investor and Advisor to some of the most successful tech startups and have invested in more than 50 including Twitter, Tumblr, Medium and Uber. Last year I decided to launch a $25 million seed fund, VaynerRSE, to continue investing. Ask me anything!
Justin Kwong@justinckwong · Founder @ ISM (
What is your take on the next generation of social media?
Brendan Hufford@brendan_hufford
What is your FAVORITE section of the #AskGaryVee book? It's, hands down, the best content you've ever made. THANK YOU for making it and shutting up the haters (including me!). ^_^
Niv Dror@nivo0o0 · VC at Shrug Capital
@garyvee hey Gary! In the #AskGaryVee audiobook you mention a few times how much you value the teen mindshare, and one of the apps teens have formed quite a movement around is @Shots. What do you think of it and why aren't more people in tech talking about it? -- For context: Shots launched an update a few weeks ago positioned around fun content from the web, the "Shots Comedy App" -- and you can share links now (which is really well done). I've been using on the Product Hunt account and we're seeing hundreds of likes per post on average, with more than a handful reaching 3,000 to 4,000 likes. It's also super fun to use. And the Shots community recently broke our Product Hunt LIVE record for number of comments in a LIVE Chat in John's AMA (and Rudy's wasn't far behind...). Very strong community, all framed around positivity.
Tom Frink@tfcuse
What is the most effective social media platform for B2B businesses that are NOT in the tech sector?
Jack Dweck@jackdweck · Product Manager at Unroll.Me
Hey Gary! You have a history of jumping on social platforms well before they become mainstream. What's the best indicator that a platform is going to blow up?
Suzie Godwin Kane@suziekane · Owner, Marketing Slices
My client is in the wedding industry, and SnapChat stories from clients would be a great addition to their marketing strategy. When you have a physical product, how do you protect a brand's image on SnapChat when the video controls are in the user's hands?
Ash Rajput@ar_trex · BI Consultant ( A Gym Rat)
Why Social Media? You probably could've gone some where else. What is the story behind you starting your career as Social Media expert. Btw Finished your Audio Book. Was a bomb. Spoiler Alert !!!Thanks for adding some humor with Tennis and Wines and Self Awareness.
Brendan Hufford@brendan_hufford
Looking back, VM started as social community management and added creative later on. In retrospect, would you still have done the same thing?
Will Chou@willc · Personal Development:
If I want to be one of the best skilled with social media 5 years from now (I don't care about if other people think I'm the best or not or fame.. I just actually want to be the best).. how would I go about doing that starting with basic/intermediate knowledge?
Patrick Sanderson@pjsanderson
Gary. You're a 30 year old arable farmer who has just taken over the family farm after your father suddenly passed away. You've got things running well and you are doing 'okay', but living with the volatility of the commodity markets isn't easy. You probably realise you need to expand yourself beyond the farm, which can be feast or famine. What do you do?
jack rometty@rometty_ · student
Gary! Thanks for putting so much awesome free content online! What are you excited about today? What are you looking forward to? :)
Patrick M. Hodgdon@patrickh · Storytelling & Go-To Market Strategy 💡🚀📈
@garyvee thanks for doing this GV! What are 3 of your favorite under the radar apps (invested or not) that you are excited about and why? A few years back you tipped me off to Checkout51 right as they were launching in the US and it helped me grow some of my client's businesses as a result of being some of the earliest brands on the platform. Thanks again for all you do to share your content with us!
Patrick M. Hodgdon@patrickh · Storytelling & Go-To Market Strategy 💡🚀📈
Which brands do you see doing it right on Snapchat? I've been enjoying what @ProductHunt and @WeareBrave has been putting out but would love to know more!
Brendan Hufford@brendan_hufford
@patrickh @producthunt @wearebrave i know you didn't ask me, but @thehundreds KILLS it on snapchat. They are a streetwear brand that's always ahead of the game. Bobby Hundreds is on Gary Vee's level.
Patrick M. Hodgdon@patrickh · Storytelling & Go-To Market Strategy 💡🚀📈
@GaryVee, In Chapter 1 of the #AskGaryVee Book, you give great advice on a major 🔑 being to push on the two edges of "clouds and dirt" in terms of highest level business philosophy and as a practitioner of your craft. Can you share some of the ways you've been pushing those two edges lately in your work? Any recent evolution in your philosophy or new tactical practioner skills you've added?
Aaron Vidas@aaronvidas · Founder of StrategyBox
How do you track the effectiveness of Snapchat campaigns for your clients?
Christopher Velez@chr1stopher_sam · CEO / D•G•R
@aaronvidas I would think based off of view count and screenshots. Great Question, would love to hear Gary's answer on this.
Harry Stebbings@harrystebbings · Podcast Host @ The Twenty Minute VC
@garyvee Mr Vaynerchuck, pleasure to be speaking to you, massive fan of yours and I believe we will be speaking on @twentyminutevc in April arranging with your colleagues now. Also had @mazzeo on the show and heard about how your late night jam sesh was where he and @sacca first met, nice work! As for my question, I would love to hear what the single biggest turning point in your life has been and the consequent effect of that? Very excited to have you on the show in person!
Martin Skakala@mskakala · Founder & CEO
Hey Gary, congratulations on your new book! Love the 100+ 5* reviews in under a week + I saw it was in top 50 amazon books last week. Amazing!! Question: When you guys started VaynerMedia what you guys specifically do in terms of sales & marketing in the first 12 months, right from the get go? Thanks for the AMA Gary
John Leonard De Guzman@jldeguzman · Problem Solver, iOS Ninja
hey @garyvee, first off I'd like to thank you for 1. Writing the #AskGaryVee book and 2. Retweeting + tweeting + recommending my medium post today. The #garyveeeffect was in full swing in my inboxes and notifications and even getting my medium post into a publication! Thank you for that and thank you for always engaging with your community! My question is this: I'm trying to build a platform that involves conversational UI + grocery delivery. Any thoughts on the future of Conversational UI ( bots + AI + agents ) and how important it is to connect with your customers especially in the most personal retail business such as grocery shopping? Is that something you'd invest on?
Sean Do@everywheresean · Web Developer - Photographer
Do you have any distractions in life? Best advice getting rid of them?