Farhad Manjoo

I write about technology for the New York Times

THIS CHAT HAPPENED ON November 13, 2015


Farhad Manjoo@fmanjoo · Technology Columnist, New York Times
Hi Product Hunters! I'm Farhad and I write about technology for the New York Times. Happy to talk about most things today so feel free to ask away!
Amir M. Zadeh@amirmhzadeh · CEO ellope.com
Hi Farhad, Given the amount of time you spend on Twitter every day, I have a question for you. For many startups, Twitter is nothing but a deceptive time-stealer. Many "entrepreneurs" are twitting day and night merely because everyone else is doing it, which results in a space “full of sound and fury. Signifying nothing”. After all, "Twitter followers put no dinner on your table". Is Twitter the right social media for all startups/businesses? What kind of business, in your opinion, can take full advantage of Twitter? Thank you, thank you.
Ryan Hoover@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Farhad! Welcome. Two questions: 1) Are you really a black-and-white cartoon? 2) What does journalism look like in 10 years? How will it change?
@fmanjoo What role do you see annotations (like Genius's web annotator) playing in the future of journalism?
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
Hi Farhad : I can imagine VCs being a good source of intel on startups etc. — what have you found to be the best way to build connections with VCs? (or conversely, for VCs to build a relationship with you?)
Farbod Saraf@farbodsaraf · Co-founder Everboard.io (YC SUS17)
Hi Farhad, thanks for AMA! How do you choose a topic to write about? What are the most important factors that convince you to write about a specific product?
neeharika sinha@neeeharika · Google, Threadchannel
Hello @fmanjoo Thanks for being here for this AMA session I have 2 questions: 1) How do you scout for new technology. I am sure a lot of startups pitch to you what stands out for you? 2) What Apps do you use on a regular basis? and everyday reads?
Brittany Metz@brittanymetz · Blab
@fmanjoo Do you see the Jay & Farhad Show ever using Blab for a live episode? ;)
Harry Stebbings@harrystebbings · Podcast Host @ The Twenty Minute VC
Hi @fmanjoo thanks so much for joining us today. I would love to hear what gets you excited when viewing potential stories? What elements make you think, yes their is a story here? Also, with the rise of the likes of Buzzfeed, where do you feel journalism is heading, look or short form? Does the ever disappearing ad dollar concern you and NYT?
Emily Hodgins@ems_hodge · Operations @ Product Hunt
@fmanjoo Thanks for being here today 🙌 During your career to date, what has been your a) most challenging moment and how did you overcome it? b) proudest moment and why? c) most surprising moment?
Jeff Umbro@jeffumbro · CEO of The podglomerate
Hey @fmanjoo! When are you going to write about Product Hunt?
daniellevine@daniellevine · Fireside
@fmanjoo hey Farhad! Thank's for doing this AMA. I'm wondering, what's the best thing you've come across in the last 30 days and why? Could be anything, a product, an article, a tea, a quote. Anything! Thanks for answering.
Jake Crump@jakecrump · Community Team with Product Hunt
@fmanjoo Hey there! What does a normal work day look like for you?
Kate@katesegrin · Head of Social @ GitHub
What got you hooked on writing and on technology? When was your "aha" moment that you realized you wanted to do this as a career?
Russ Frushtick@russfrushtick
@fmanjoo What's your take on VR? Passing fad or is it the big deal all these companies hope it is?
Theoharis Dimarhos@theo_dimarhos · Marketing+Biz Dev at AngelouEconomics
@fmanjoo Hi Farhad! How do you think about online education/schools? What do you think is the missing element that can make them grow exponentially?
Domingo José Moronta@djmoronta · Web + Mobile OS Dev & User Researcher
@fmanjoo where are macs/pcs in 5 years, are we all going to be on iPads?
Mike Khachikyan@khachikyanmike · CEO of PackPath
@fmanjoo Hello Farhad and Product Hunt, as an entrepreneur what is the best way to get in contact with reporters and bloggers for marketing and for publicity. Also is this the primary way of gaining recognition as a company? Thank you very much
Hi @fmanjoo thanks for doing this, how do you think phone carriers will change data packages to accommodate streaming and other technologies that will take up more data? Do you think that space might be disrupted in the next few years?
sapna satagopan@sapnasf · Co-founder, Xyza: news for kids
@fmanjoo I see the irony of this, but much as the likes of Serial are being considered a breakaway success, podcast listening is still not prevalent. Do you see this change? Is it an issue of awareness, resistance to change or simply a content/format issue?