Poetry In America

Elisa New

Powell M. Cabot Professor of American Literature, Harvard University



Poetry In America
Poetry In America@poetryinamerica · Poetry in America
I am Elisa New, Professor of American Literature at Harvard, and Creator of Poetry in America, a new multiplatform initiative designed to bring poetry into classrooms and living rooms around the world. I'm happy to answer any questions about poetry, the humanities, and online education.
Harry Stebbings
Harry Stebbings@harrystebbings · Podcast Host @ The Twenty Minute VC
What do you think has been the most profound literary change over the last decade and what societal externality has caused this? Would so love to hear your thoughts on this!
Joe Cerami
Joe Cerami@josephrcerami · Univ of St Thomas-Houston
Adam Grant (author of Originals) praises JK Rowling for stimulating the imagination of readers. Who would you recommend? Thanks
Bridget McGraw
Bridget McGraw@mcgrawbridget · Thingfully thing = physical + digital
Hi Elisa. Thank you for taking time to chat with us. I currently teach "Internet of Things" technologies to high school youth and am a firm believer in STEAM-powered learning. Are there any resources you would recommend to inspire educators who are interweaving arts and science curricula?
Samir Durrani
Samir Durrani@samird · Junior, Harvard College
What are some changes you would like to see in traditional colleges to help prepare students for lifelong learning?