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Dessa@dessadarling · Rapper, writer. Doomtree Records.
Hi, Dessa here - please ask away.
How does being Latina influence your life?
Jacob William Wykle@drwyk · I'm Jake!
How many days have you gone without showering?
QueenLear@queenleariv · ConnectionAgent-Co-Founder @ButtonPoetry
Thanks for taking the time to chat with the PH community! My question revolves around the Minnesota music scene. With great influencers such as Bob Dylan, Prince, Atmosphere and many more originating in MN. Why do you think people are still encouraged to leave the Midwest for places such as LA and New York. You've chosen to stay in the area (when not touring), can you explain a little bit about why? What does the Minnesota (Twin Cities specifically) have to offer that those other cities don't, or are midwest musicians missing out?
Cherie Hu@cheriehu42 · music industry thinker/writer
I saw from a recent article that you are writing a book, and also used to teach creative writing. How have those experiences informed your work and creative process as a rapper, and vice versa?
Cherie Hu@cheriehu42 · music industry thinker/writer
Do you have an opinion on streaming services and the (dis)advantages they bring to the music industry? What about the intersection between music and technology excites you the most? Have you ever explored this theme in your work?
Luke Ratz@luke_ratz · artist
Hi Dessa :)
Luke Ratz@luke_ratz · artist
who is your favorite philosopher? which philosophers or thinkers do You recommend?
Reid Wegley@reidwegs · Voxus PR
How do you feel about fans and remixers remixing your original tracks?
Nick Morin@trickster_treat
How has the source of your inspiration for writing music changed since you started your career? Do you find that you are inspired differently when writing music compared to writing nonfiction?
Luke Ratz@luke_ratz · artist
what is the difference between Dessa in lyrics and Dessa in real life?
Nick Morin@trickster_treat
You talked about variance within a song as something you look for in new music. On your next album/project, do you plan on trying a variety of new sounds or sticking with the tones of your previous albums? Will your live band have any larger influence on your next project?
David Bekkerus@david_bekkerus · Peace Corps and Volunteer
What is one of your best memories of the last year?
Luke Ratz@luke_ratz · artist
awesome interview.