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Brad Feld@bfeld · Managing Director, Foundry Group
Hi all. Brad here. I've been an early stage investor and entrepreneur for over 20 years. I've written a number of books including Start-up Communities and Venture Deals. I've also completed 23 marathons as part of my mission to finish a marathon in each of the 50 states. Ask me about anything!
Jack Bonneau@jackbonneau ·
Mr. @Feld, Hi! I'm 10 and I operate (with help) a number drink stands & marketplaces for kids and their families; and future entrepreneurs in the Boulder/Denver area to operate and/or sell their products. I was wondering what your thoughts are on kids 8-18 years old (or younger) and entrepreneurship? How would you approach or recommend entrepreneurship for kids? (I wrote this with help from my dad). Thank you, Jack
Abe Storey@abe_storey · Entrepreneur & Growth Marketer
@jackbonneau @feld I LOVE seeing fellow young entrepreneurs on Product Hunt. Keep crushing it Jack!
Jack Bonneau@jackbonneau ·
@feld Hi! Great discussion, will there be any questions asked? Thanks
Austin Teague@austin_teague · Full-Stack Marketer and Entrepreneur
@bfeld As an investor how do you find new startups? Specifically is it through referrals, cold emails, specific searches/sites?
Jake Chapman@runvc · Partner, Sazze Partners
If you could pull one technology from any science fiction universe into the present day, what would it be? Is this something you think we'll actually be able to develop ourselves?
Jonny Miller@jonnym1ller · Cofounder @Maptia
Hi @bfeld – thanks for doing this! I’m curious… if a dying billionaire philanthropist left you with $1bn, on the condition that you must put it towards a prize fund (like an X-prize for anything (where it would be awarded to a creator or team) what target would you set? Or put another way, what problem or set of problems would you like to see some of the world’s smartest teams attempt to solve?
Chris Herbert@cgherb · CEO, TrackR
I imagine you get a ton of emails every day. I do you organize your day and keep yourself from being eaten alive by the email monster?
Kelly Taylor@ktinboulder · Product at U.S. Digital Service
Besides blogging, how do you organize your thinking around investment themes, trends, etc? Journal, Evernote or just keep everything in your head?
Billy White@billy_white
Hi Brad big fan! Can we anticipate Startup Metrics anytime soon?
SteviedeGrandOleOpry@stevedegraz · Entrepreneur, Bonobos, Wealth Management
@Feld, What are your thoughts on the depression/anxiety software startup
UofDenver student here, Thanks for everything you do for the Colorado entrepreneurship scene and taking the time for this chat. All VCs have their own investment strategy and appetite for risk, but what metrics, stats, or traits of a young founder (18-24) or their company / team would make a strong case for investment from Foundry Group? In what ways do you believe your answer differs from what your investment peers from other firms would say? Is there a specific vertical(s) that Boulder or Denver is starting to lean towards? If so, is there a reason why you think this specific vertical(s) are happening here? P.S. I'm looking for consumer startups in Boulder / Denver to be a business dev or design intern for this summer but either the pool is extremely small or hidden in the woodworks. Any Foundry portfolio companies or startups in the area come to mind? Portfolio:
Bhaskar Chitraju@bhaskar_c · Product Manager
What are your thoughts on blockchain and its impact on fintech in particular?
Ben Center@benhcenter · Investor Relations Associate, Onevest
Thank you for your time @bfeld. Who do you feel is most impacted by the work you do in VC (LPs, founders, partners, society)? I know this is a tough question, but I'd love to hear your thoughts!
Gong Ke Gouldstone@gkg · Entrepreneur, product geek
How do you decide if a crowded market is worth pursuing anyway?
Harry Stebbings@harrystebbings · Podcast Host @ The Twenty Minute VC
Hey @bfeld fantastic to speak as always. I would love to hear, I know you are crushing it preparing for the marathon and having achieved so much success career wise, what would you most like to achieve this year? What are your goals for 2016?
PK Fields@eldersense · Founder, ElderSense
Hi @bfeld - I am a fan. I read your blog 4 out of 5 days, also I love Foundy Group's videos. Since you have just joined the board of the non-profit Path Forward and it's focus is helping people get back to the workforce after caregiving, can you share if this includes the older demographic that tend to give up or loose jobs while caring for aging adults?
Tommy Dahlen@tommydahlen · Tommy
I have for the last 17 years worked on building an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Trondheim (Norway) and have had great benefit and inspiration from the work you have done in Boulder. BTW: Thank you! My question: If I were to arrange an expedition to Boulder for people in my community, that I feel should be exposed to the "Boulder-way", who would be the right person/organisation to contact in Boulder? Thx
Billy White@billy_white
@Feld - have you read anything worth recommending?
Edward Tadros@edward_tadros · Proticom,,
Do you still do Random Days?
Pierre Vannier@pierre_vannier · French Entrepreneur
Hi Brad, thanks for being here. You've been a strong advocate of the "give before take" philosophy. Can you tell us what are the pro's of such a philosophy as an entrepreneur and VC. Why people should embrace those values?
Cloud 9@cloud9psych · Marina Adams, VP of Misc. Stuff, Cloud 9
How would you like to see technology help improve mental health?