Bored Elon Musk

The thoughts and inventions from Elon in his downtime. This is a futuristic hyper-parody account.

THIS CHAT HAPPENED ON September 25, 2015


Bored Elon Musk@boredelonmusk
I'd like to discuss solving the problems of the universe, and your toaster.
Bored Elon Musk@boredelonmusk
OK everyone that's my time. Thanks for stopping by and following me on Twitter. Feel free to tweet me with follow-up questions.
Ryan Hoover@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Bored Elon, what's on your homescreen?
Bored Elon Musk@boredelonmusk
@rrhoover A horrible mess of cat screenshots that I have failed to delete or organize.
Robin Bonny@robinfbonny · student
How many hours have you spent playing Kerbal Space Program?
MaX Falstein@maxfalstein · CEO, CET & Founder of MaX Saxe Design
@robinfbonny many hundreds for many millions of us!
Jack Dweck@jackdweck · Product Manager at Unroll.Me
Are you friends with @StartupLJackson?
Bored Elon Musk@boredelonmusk
@jackdweck We are indeed brethren. In fact we've sworn a blood oath to each other via Twitter. It's a new feature in beta.
MaX Falstein@maxfalstein · CEO, CET & Founder of MaX Saxe Design
What started your boredom & the Twitter account?
Bored Elon Musk@boredelonmusk
@maxfalstein The account started on the day the Hyperloop was announced.
MaX Falstein@maxfalstein · CEO, CET & Founder of MaX Saxe Design
@boredelonmusk @maxfalstein anything in particular that you enjoyed or did not enjoy about the announcement of the hyperloop? What triggered your boredom solving ideas?
Dave Gibbons@qiwidave · Creative Director/Founder Qiwi Games, LL
@boredelonmusk Which of your amazing invention ideas you've posted to twitter would you be the most excited about if they were real?
Dave Gibbons@qiwidave · Creative Director/Founder Qiwi Games, LL
@qiwidave I'd say it's a tie between "Eye-tracking app that sees when you're entering deep thought and changes your computer's display/audio to replicate a shower." and "Steering wheels that won't turn more than 10 degrees unless turn signal active in that direction." :-D
@boredelonmusk Have you ever talked to the real Elon Musk?
Bored Elon Musk@boredelonmusk
@thejj100100 Define "real."
Andrew Ettinger@andrewett · 👟 @wearAtoms // ex @Twitter @ProductHunt
@boredelonmusk - What % of ideas do you think up and then say to yourself, "That's a hell of an idea. I shouldn't share that with 131k people!"
Bored Elon Musk@boredelonmusk
@andrewmettinger After your first billion dollars, hoarding ideas for yourself is less important.
Sheldon Baker@sheldonnbbaker · Coder meatbag
When will we see your idea for an electric jet?
Bored Elon Musk@boredelonmusk
@sheldonnbbaker Hopefully soon. Physics is a cruel mistress.
MaX Falstein@maxfalstein · CEO, CET & Founder of MaX Saxe Design
@boredelonmusk @sheldonnbbaker Richard Branson has been giving the mistress a little go about recently.
brian dakin@bridak70 · retired
@boredelonmusk Your cooperation and partnership with NASA is essential to SpaceX and so my question is this. When you get to Mars if you have visual proof of another civilization that once lived on Mars will you tell the public even if NASA orders you not to show the images and video's discovered in the name of National Security?
Bored Elon Musk@boredelonmusk
@bridak70 We'll cross that bridge when we get there.
Srikanth@sriksm19 · CDO
@boredelonmusk What could be the smartest way to transfer experiences. Most human knowledge is constrained in someone's experience and insights. What if there could be a smart and fast way to transfer those ?
Bored Elon Musk@boredelonmusk
@sriksm19 We're all just walking computers. It will happen some day. Then you'll be able to plug in and learn Kung-Fu really quickly and how to dodge bullets and how to be a terrible actor.
Which island would you buy?
Bored Elon Musk@boredelonmusk
@4fiji Australia.
Andrew So@andrewdixonso
Do you ever come up with an idea so great, you either start building it or pass the idea along to someone capable of building it?
Bored Elon Musk@boredelonmusk
@andrewdixonso My Twitter feed is exactly the latter. I expect every single post on my timeline to turn into a completed project within 3 months. Otherwise I will hope YOU personally responsible.
johndito@mojowrkn · Sr. Systems Manager
@boredelonmusk What do you look for in a woman??
MaX Falstein@maxfalstein · CEO, CET & Founder of MaX Saxe Design
What is your day job?
Bored Elon Musk@boredelonmusk
@maxfalstein Running two massive engineering companies? I need to get a better PR person...
Sid Chanchal Mall@chanchalsid · Future Founder, Human-Machine Efficacy
@boredelonmusk What to-do, task management or planning tool(s) do you use personally?
Bored Elon Musk@boredelonmusk
@chanchalsid Hippocampus
Sid Chanchal Mall@chanchalsid · Future Founder, Human-Machine Efficacy
@boredelonmusk @chanchalsid Thanks! I just looked it up. Seems everybody has one but couldn't find a decent user manual :(
Irene Hitchcock@ireneelisabethh · Proud Mother, Swim Teacher, Volunteer
What is your favourite big & little thing in your Model X?
Althea Lawson@jueshichi
Keep doing what you do! Best Twitter account out there and in here. @boredelonmusk
Silvia Li@lisamsilvia · Content Marketing@ Startup Grind
@boredelonmusk Who will be the next @Twitter CEO?