Alec Ross

Author of The Industries of the Future. Formerly Senior Advisor for Innovation to Secretary Clinton.



Alec Ross@alecjross · Author, The Industries of the Future
Hi - I'm Alec Ross, author of the Industries of the Future. If you want to understand what's going to shape our world for the next 10 years, I've got some thoughts and would love to hear yours. I'm delighted to be here-- ask me anything!
Kingsong Chen@kingsongchen · Dev
Hi Alex, what advice do you have for founders who are trying to bring technology to old industries (i.e. government)?
Nico Lumma@nico · Managing Partner Next Media Accelerator
Alec, what can governments do to shape the future instead of just trying to react to whatever happens in the digital economy?
Dendi Suhubdy@dendisuhubdy · Math @ncstate CS @umontreal
How does Mrs. Clinton see Silicon Valley in the future of America?
ewhitmore@ewhitmore · founder, emergent wave
Senior Advisor for Innovation is an awesome title. How does one get that job!?
Joe Cerami@josephrcerami · Univ of St Thomas-Houston
Hi Alec, Has Stanford's emphasis on "design thinking" influenced you? Other university or researched based programs that you subscribe to? In sum, where are the big ideas being developed? Ciao, Joe Cerami
Mark Keane@mrkkeane · Founder, Favorly
How much further do we need to go with tech to fully integrate into the reality of everyday life?
Guerric de Ternay@guerricdeternay
Hi Alec, Your book Industries of the Future gives a really interesting view of what is ahead of us. What makes it interesting is your ability to anticipate what is likely to happen. What should someone do to go through a similar thought process in order to become better at anticipating future trends?
Sean Cho@sean_cho · staff, University chaple
Hello, Mr. Alex, Which country between Korea and Japan is more brighter in cutting edge industry, for example, laser technology?
ewhitmore@ewhitmore · founder, emergent wave
Alec's description of Blockchain technology and discussion of ramifications in "Industries of the Future" is about the best I've seen - thanks!
Joe Cerami@josephrcerami · Univ of St Thomas-Houston
How do think of "ethics" in the work of entrepreneurs?