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Max Beaumont
@maxpbeaumont · CEO, Beaumont LLC
Hey Adam! When is the best time for a startup that is always changing and improving its product to create a video?
jonathan barronville
@jonathanmarvens · Software Engineer
@maxpbeaumont I have the same question, @lonelysandwich!
Ty Martin
@tymrtn · Founder,
@maxpbeaumont +1 (yes, upvoting just not enough)
Adam Lisagor
@lonelysandwich · Founder, Sandwich Video
@maxpbeaumont One answer: when the product is mature enough that you know not necessarily what it looks like, but what it *feels* like to a user. Second answer: when you can do it right. And right is very subjective, so that might mean you shoot it with an iPhone or it might mean you spend a million dollars, but it means that you didn't compromise.
Ray Garcia
@raygcreative · Founder @teleporme
@maxpbeaumont Every upvote counts so I just upvoted this question!