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Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Hey, @lonelysandwich! Love love love your work. Your Navdy video is one of my favorites:
You've directed dozens (hundreds?) of videos for startups. Which one are you most proud of any why?
Adam Lisagor
@lonelysandwich · Founder, Sandwich Video
@rrhoover Thanks for this opportunity, Ryan. Thanks for making ProductHunt. I love it and people love it and Products love it and presumably hunters love it. Quick short answer: I'm fond of the video I did for Aeropress, depicting my love of the Aeropress, because it was the most pure concept that sprung from a very simple emotional response to a product. And it wasn't for the money, it was for the love.
Other answers: Knock, JAMBOX, QuizUp, Warby Parker.
Ray Garcia
@raygcreative · Founder @teleporme
@rrhoover Thanks for sharing this video! Never knew that existed...
Chris Gonzales
@gromble · Writer, The Spark Journal
@lonelysandwich The AeroPress video is a favorite of mine. I still go back and watch it from time to time. That ending.
Igor Stefurak
@druh_opryshok · Dealflow Manager at GrowthUP
@lonelysandwich do you use Navdy in real life?
Brett Radler
@brettrad · Founder
@raygcreative Pretty good resource of all their videos!