Acquired by Snapchat

A running list of companies acquired by Snapchat $SNAP 🤑

Niv DrorVC at Shrug Capital


Locate your friends in realtime - GPS tracker

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Snapchat acquired social map app Zenly for around $250M to $350M in May of 2017. In June, Snapchat launched Snap Map, based off of Zenly's technology.


App that makes you look better (or funnier) on video

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Snapchat acquired Looksery to power its animated augmented reality lenses for around $150M back on August of 2015.

Bitmoji for Snapchat

Use Bitmoji in Snapchat

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Snapchat acquired Bitmoji maker Bitstrips for around $100 million back in March of 2016

Vurb 2.0

Your apps & friends, all together. Now with group chat.

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Snapchat is acquired Vurb, a mobile search company, for around $110M in August of 2016.

Seene 2.0

Share life in 3D

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Snap acquired a Seene, "research and development-driven computer vision software company” in 2016 for around $47 million