Your secret SEO strategy to rank on the first page of google?

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Would like to know and learn some new strategies from the PH community members.


- First, you improve the text factors. Tool: - Second you improve the linking factors. - After improving the behavioral factors, so that users do not leave your page immediately as soon as you go from search.
Paul VanZandt
One of the most important things is effective keyword targeting. Link building is important but not sustainable for everyone - keywords and crawlable content is.
@paul_vanzandt Yes, effective keyword targeting is definitely the key!
Philipp Stelzel
The secret is to focus on long-tail keywords. This way one avoids competition and focuses on keywords with clear search intent.
@philipp_stelzel True! Focusing on long-tail keywords surely helps.
Pasearte Toledo
4 points: - keyword research - content marketing - seo onpage - linkbuilding
Denis Shabanov
in theory, everything is simple, just few people get to practice collection, clustering and analysis of semantics calculation of the capacity of the clusters in money content payback calculation creating content for the intent of users internal site optimization and external distribution plus content update every half a year
@dashabanov True! One only gets to the real secrets when one gets to practice. Thanks for these insightful tips. :) Really appreciate you sharing these. How do you deal with keyword cannibalization when clustering?
Denis Shabanov
@g_sanjna we select superclusters and subclusters and look at the search results, if it is different, then it is definitely impossible to put it in one cluster :)
@dashabanov Thanks for replying!! And if the search results for supercluster and subcluster are similar, how do you deal with that?
Saniya B
Create a keyword strategy that focuses on the terms that your target customers are looking for. Incorporate keywords and HTML tags into your website's content. Write for people, with a focus on location-based searches. Make your site mobile-friendly. Concentrate on the user's experience. May be below services might also help others so Best Smartphone Repair Service Center in Vijayawada
Amanda Trincher
My secret is to use SEO and also hire an expert to help with Chinese SEO instead of learning independent techniques
My Secret SEO Strategy-: 1.Create a keyword strategy to target terms your target customers are searching. 2.Incorporate the keywords into your website content as well as HTML tags. 3.Write for humans (not search engines). 4.Target location-based searches. 5.Optimize for mobile. 6.Focus on user experience. I am afreelance seo smo expert having 4+years of experience. Hire me as a freelance seo smo expert. Connect with me today.
Beatrice Lang
I believe that only good content at the moment.