Writing a newsletter about SaaS topics

Sukhpal Saini
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I'm looking to grow signups on saasbase.dev so this month I'm going to be writing a Dru Riley's trends.vc styled newsletter around SaaS topics - Payments, Auth etc. Basically researching everything from tools, best practices, opportunities and putting it in a skimmable post for Indie Founders. Has anyone here written a newsletter? Thoughts?


Bogomil Shopov - Bogo
I have a newsletter - https://hapyyr.com/ How can I help :)
Sukhpal Saini
@bogomep Hey Bogomil, I love that your newsletter is super niche. I don't think I have seen many Security specific newsletters! 1. How were you able to acquire the 500+ subscribers? 2. What's your writing process look like?