Would you use a Netflix-esque learning app?

Imran Razak
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I’m talking original classes with lessons covering basics to Pro level for things like Swift, SwiftUI, Machine learning, Web development and other creative classes as we expand. Would you pay for it? Would you use it to learn new things?


Totally, if there's fresh content regularly. There's a really good example – Laracasts. They put out high-quality content about PHP + Laravel (and other web technologies), and even promote themselves as "Laracasts is like Netflix for the modern developer." https://laracasts.com They became so popular because the courses are truly high quality, and there's a lot of new content all the time.
Maciej Cupial
It depends on the content, but this kind of business is excellent. Laracast, like @johnnyfekete mentioned before, is a perfect example of it. I used to pay for many classes in this kind of model.
What is the problem addressed by this app?