Would you rather work alone of with a team ? 🤔

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i'm not much of the indiehacker archetype. i love working with people who fill in my gaps and challenges. allows me to learn a lot about what they do to move the needle. :D
@shivam_jha3 We learn every day for sure, the trap is to rest on our knowledge
Akshit Sharma
an organised team is a rather effective way to sort things out
Harshit Chawla
With a team to get good ideas from other team members and equally work divided among other team members to get good results
Luka Vasic
For me, it's almost always better with a team. More ideas, better workflow... The only times I like to work alone is when I need deep focus, for instance creating content. When I'm with other people I get distracted and can't write anything.
@luka_vasic I understand, sometimes we can also feel alone and unheard! It goes faster when you have a team on the same wavelength that knows how to communicate very well
Martina Hackbartt
A team, always a team! More brains, more ideas!
@martina_hackbartt Aha yes, but you need a team with good communication and a good feeling! Because bad communication doesn't make things happen quickly
Arun Pariyar
Teamwork makes the dream work ✨
Matthew Ritchie
I'm a major introvert, but I find working on a team to be way more invigorating and fulfilling than going it alone. I think it's good to strike the right balance, though, because too much teamwork can take away from deep work.
Both. As Luka said, creating content in a noisy room is impossible for me. :) And a good vibration when exchanging ideas is essential.
@w_j Same for me, I can't work if there is a meeting next to me!
It depends upon the task. Sometimes I feel like I can do it better if I work alone on a project.
@zeeshan121 Same, especially when we have a lot of meetings with team and you are not moving forward on the issues
Andrew C.
id rather work with a team; as the old saying goes, ''you can walk a mile alone but 2 miles with a friend (team mate in this case)''
Daniel Engels
Few (or none) successful projects are built alone nowadays. It might have been possible in the past but the modern level of technology requires too much specific skills for one person to unite them.
@daniel_engels I think one person can be extremely specialized in one area vs. being versatile and average in many tasks Of course there are exceptions to everything
Didem Yeniçağ Yağcı
Doing my research and analysis alone first and discussing it with the team best works for me. If the team also does preliminary work, we become very productive.
Paul VanZandt
Without a doubt as part of a team - this sense of togetherness can help achieve great things.
@paul_vanzandt I think that people do everything, if there is a bad atmosphere the result will never be as good
Paul VanZandt
@enola_vedovotto A good team definitely helps build motivation and productivity, but sometimes a bad team can take away from those elements. Interesting to think about.
Renly Borris
I am generally a good team player, but sometimes it feels like you can not put your 100% when distracted by numerous inputs and useless suggestions. It is not always a case, but yes, it happens.
@renly_borris Same for me, example again this morning, my team solicited me a lot, I didn't manage to move forward as I wished
Maya Ben Zid
Hands down with the team. Working alone isn't the most scalable way to build a product because no one can step if someone happens to me. On the other hand, with a team, I can always count on those around me and be more confident that the product timeline will not change.
Kazimieras Melaika
Definitely a team. It's easier and much more motivating to reach your goals with like-minded people!
I like working in a team, it is definitely more interesting, and it is awesome when you have people with whom you can exchange ideas, and grow together! Yet, I must admit, sometimes is simply easier working alone and taking all the responsibility on own self, because then you know - everything is depending just on you and your organization, skills and knowledge...
Sandra Djajic
A team! It makes it more enjoyable having others to bounce ideas off.
@inesfenner It's true that exchanging allows you to see further