Would you like to join our beta testing? It's free 👋🏻

Wojtek Krzciński
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Hey, Would you like to test our analytics app for free? If so, just go to https://raport.pro and create an account 😊 And please share any feedback and feature requests! Cheers!


Olivia Bridges
it's a nice concept to launch products in beta testing
Vian Trinh
Just created an account and I'm still waiting for the data to stream in, but the experience is super neat so far :) Will keep you posted, Wojtek ~
Wojtek Krzciński
@vianingrowth Great to read that! Thank you for feedback. Did you already get your data? If you have any problem or questions, please ask. I'm happy to help :)
Vian Trinh
@wojtek_krzcinski I got my data, thank you! It's working really well :) I wish the option for data source can be a bit more flexible (JavaScript - for example), since I'd love to connect this tool to my app and monitor its performance.
Wojtek Krzciński
@vianingrowth Great to know that it works well! :) Sure, adding new data sources is our primary goal for app development. I'll definitely include JavaScript in our roadmap. Thank you for letting me know what your needs are.
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Stefan Heisl
Thank you for sharing your beta checking out opportunity for your analytics app. It's always gorgeous to have the chance to try out new software program and provide feedback to enhance its functionality. I will definitely visit your internet site to create an account and take advantage of this free testing opportunity. Best of good fortune with your beta testing and I look ahead to seeing how your app develops!