Would you let your users/customers own a part of your company?

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Hey all! Founder of Goodiebag (we just made our upcoming page! Peep it here: https://www.producthunt.com/upco... ) I'm an attorney-turned-founder that's been inspired by the owner economy/web3 movement towards more user ownership & control for the platforms we use. That said, I'm helping build a platform that lets any startup give out a piece of their company to their loyal users/customers. We think this is an exciting concept because it promotes user retention (you lose what you're given if you unsubscribe!); decreases churn; and helps make users into superfans who actually own a piece of the pie (and get to celebrate with you when there's an exit event!) That said, would you be willing to give a bit of your startup to your users? If so, I'd love to talk to you!


Inam from Outgrow
I prefer not to, but if you are a startup then go on.