Would a "reverse microwave" be a successful product?❄

Dallin Jacobs
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Hi, I've never pursued selling a product or starting a business before, so I'm here for advice. The next few paragraphs will just talk about the product. I've invented a new technology that can cool both food and beverages at very high rates. It can freeze water at least 5X faster than a freezer, and this is with the poor insulation that I could afford. The device can be about as small as a microwave or as big as it needs to be to cool high quantities. Increased size won't affect cooling rates. It can chill beverages, set jello, cool cakes, etc. in a matter of minutes. Preliminary surveys showed that 28.3% of homeowners would purchase one (especially higher income households), and 34.6% of business owners/employees would purchase one for business usage. Of those who already own Blast Chillers (rapid cooling device), 55% would purchase one. The US consumer electronics retail market which includes small kitchen appliances is currently $342 Billion and is expected to grow to $375.5 Billion by 2025. The Global Blast chiller market is currently $1billion and is expected to grow at a rate of 7%. So I have talked to a few people about this, and I've gotten mixed feedback about pursuing starting something out of this. So I'm here to ask you all if this product would likely be successful or not based on this data. Thanks!
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