Worst thing when you do an online course?

Tasos Valtinos
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Most of us spent a bit more time doing online courses since Covid hit. What do you hate the most when you do an online course?


David J. Kim
Co-Founder of Between
How hard it is to pay attention vs a an in person course. It's a lot less engaging imo.
Tasos Valtinos
FullStack - Founder - Indiehacker
@between_team Hey David. Thanks for the reply. I agree :) How do you make sure that you keep paying attention and remain engaged?
Mahak from Outgrow
Data Analyst @ Outgrow
I like the online courses but most of the time I forget to watch videos or either not paying that much attention to the instructor. It's a bit boring sometimes and managing it daily is really hard sometimes. Sometimes I feel like I don't get that much knowledge that should be necessary for the skill. Without practising on my own or lack of instructor's help are too big problems in online courses.
Janet Gee
Just taking life one day at a time
I have found that my issue was keeping engaged. I LOVE making notes, but i also like keeping my notes tidy and if possible colour ordinated... which I know is silly but it helps me take the information in if i really take my time with it as opposed to just scribbling things as i go. So my issue was, if im watching an online lecture I wouldn't be able to keep up with the fancy notes so i would just become disengaged. The most recent course I did was with the College of Contract Management, and they had both live and interactive lectures, but also recorded lectures too. So I would attend the live one and use it as an opportunity to ask questions etc. Then I would watch the recorded one and use that to make notes as I could pause when I need to.