Working with influencers?

Laura Linham
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We're looking to launch on Product Hunt soon-ish and I've been looking at some ways we can get people talking about our product ahead of the launch. One of the things we're looking at doing is working with bloggers/nano/micro-influencers. I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with that, and if it worked for you?


Fabian Maume
I guess the best for you would be to contact top hunter: They are influencers with a lot of followers on product hunt, and most of them have their own blogs. Alternatively, you could look at Twitter influencers, as there is some overlap between the Product hunt and the Twitter audience. My agency could help you identify relevant influencers.
ehsan ahmad.n
I worked with Bloggers there are many good bloggers and there are many scammer bloggers I suggest you use good analytics services before working with them, if You are looking to work with Bloggers check them with Similarweb, Ahref, or Semrush and ask them about Google analytic data, Some of them promise you high efficiency and offer high prices, but after doing the work with them, you do not see high efficiency.