Working in silence?

Emmanuel Lefort
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I tried working in a noisy open space. I tried working with music. I tried working with the TV on. I'm really at my best in deep silence. What's your best setup when you need to focus?


Pablo Fatas
If I am trying to think or need to use my brain, silence is best. If I need to do something quite menial and repetitive I just plug in with some repetitive music and it gets me in the zone.
Ivan Ralic
I think we all need silence at some point, especially when working on some hard things. And I think this actually goes for everyone. In my previous startup in the beginning we had 2 smaller offices Noisy One and the Silent One. In the beginning it was around 50-50 split among 10-person team. In the end we firstly ended up with 2 silent offices, and then with 1 bigger one and silent. Even those people that loved jamming in the beginning, ended up leaving noisy office for a silent one πŸ˜„
Paul VanZandt
I also find a lot of comfort working in silence, but only when I'm focused. Empty space can also sometimes deter me from my ability to zone in (sometimes it's almost helpful having something to ignore like music etc.) but I definitely find that I'm at my best when it's quiet and peaceful.
Qudsia Ali
There are significant benefits to a quiet working environment. However, whether you work in complete silence or with background music depends on your personal preferences and needs.
Lina Chu
With music for sure
Komal Narwani
I prefer to work in deep silence, I believe when you need to focus on something difficult - it's better to kick your mind into a flow state where Alpha waves come into play.